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Hoping I can get some ideas on what to give to 5th grade teachers.  This is our son's last year there and would like to give the teachers a little something at the end of the year which is fast approaching.  Thought about a card and gift cards (stores or restaurants).  If I did $10 gift cards that's $60 total.  He's got his homeroom/Math teacher, Social Studies teacher, Science teacher, ESE teacher, Para, and speech therapist.  Was thinking maybe I could do up some goodies as well.  Hate just to hand in a card and gift card.  It seems to generic.  Thought maybe we can recycle stuff and make crafts for their desks.  Can cut back Pringle cans, decorate and turn into pencil holders.  Maybe hit the Dollar Tree, buy a picture frame, decorate and stick the school picture in there.  Maybe we can all bounce ideas off of each other :o)

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That's a cute idea.  Everyone likes pizza....lol  I had forgotten I had posted a link to 25 Homemade gifts for under $5.  Was looking at it and besides the cookies or bread in a jar, I liked the bookmarks. 

Small gift cards, to a place like Starbucks, or Coldstone are very much appreciated. One cute idea would be to get a small bucket from the dollar spot at Target or the dollar store. Stick the five dollar gift card inside, with some tissue, and a tag that says, "I really dug ___________ grade".  There are tons of ideas on pinterest as well, low cost ideas.

We have a couple of spots on site that discusses teacher gifting.  Check them out.  :)

I added a trifle bowl gift I did one year for a private school teacher that was well received.I posted about that at the link, Teacher Gift Ideas.

Here's another discussion to peek at.

Any ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week?

Find some actual teacher feedback when it comes to gifting them at our Christmas Gifts for Teachers link.  Maybe some more teachers could chime in on what types of gifts they've seen enough of and what they really love to receive?

Over the years I've tried to volunteer or aid in supplies needed in my children's classrooms.  I noticed some of these helped teachers would send me thank you notes on pretty paper or cards so I went in that direction a few times gifting teachers back with really pretty blank cards and/or embellished or monogrammed writing paper.

Another year I bought a large storage basket for a teacher after asking if there was anything she needed and added some classroom essentials like glue sticks and writing paper.  All though the supplies I added are probably long gone, to this day, I see she uses the storage container in her classroom.

One year I had a friend that went to a yard sale and bought a really nice solid wood book shelf for $10.  She came home and painted it with a really snazzy color and gifted the teacher with this.  That teacher went ga-ga over it.  Who doesn't need more storage?

I found this through Pinterest....Thanks Grace for the suggestion (just starting out on that site and Love it so far).  May try making this.  Will hit Goodwill to see if I can find some jars.  If not, I could always buy some from Walmart and make them.


I was thinking how great it was this topic came up because this school year is dwindling down fast.   But that also made me think, Teacher Appreciation Week has to be coming up soon as well. 

National Teacher Appreciation week is always the first full week in May.  This means, for 2012, this designation will be celebrated the week of May 7th through May 11th.   Teacher appreciation day actually falls on Tuesdays of the appreciation week. 

This year it will be on Tuesday, May 8, 2012.

So yes, great timed post.  :) 

Bringing this baaaaack!   I'm definitely trying to decide on good gifts for my thankfulness to great teaching this year.  I'm so glad to say it's been a great year!  

Has anyone started hunting or thinking of teacher gifts this year, yet?

For you teachers out there, we would love to get some ideas from you on what to get and maybe even what to stay away from when gifting the teachers in our lives.

I ran across this really cute idea billed as a dollar store creation.  It is pretty and potentially inexpensive. 

It's time to bring this topic back to the front.  Please share your ideas and grab some while you are here.

Are you still trying to decide what to get your child's teacher as a thank you for this school year before it ends?

I found this site that links to free labels for your consideration. 

As always, we would love to hear from our teachers.   What appreciation gifts do you like to receive? 

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