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Teen Death Highlights Health Hazards of Caffeine Powder

Teen Death Highlights Health Hazards of Caffeine Powder

Discussing this story and the dangers of caffeine powder overdose is worth coming across as a nagging mom if it means saving your child's life.

Talk to them.

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I just watched the videos connected to this story. In one of them, it talks about the new Cracker Jack product called Cracker Jack'd. It is a snack with caffeine baked into it. I was at the check out at Walmart and saw this. It looked tasty so I bought one. It was pretty good, but too much flavor was added. There were nuts and chunks of granola type stuff, sprinkled with lots of spicy cheese flavor. They had a few varieties. One might think it is a healthier alternative to the candy bars.

The problem I have is that I had no idea it was an energy snack. I looked at the package several times. They say there is mention of caffeine on the front and back of package. I don't think it's wise to take a product that is traditionally for kids, and then make an adult version and add caffeine to it! I try to avoid caffeine, since I drink a cup of coffee every morning and I feel that is enough for me! I would not have bought that snack had I known it was made to give you a burst of energy. I tend to get irregular heart beats. I've been checked several times and was found to have nothing but a minor murmur...but I still wonder if there could be something else. The crazy heart beats never happened while I was being tested of course! 

Jmarr, I'm glad you mentioned your experience, although I don't scan the snack isle at check outs often, it's good to know that a product such as what you tried exists and could fall into unsuspecting hands, Yikes. 

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