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Teen says pink toy ovens discourage boys from kitchen play

I could have swore I posted the following thoughts here, too.  But I guess not.  I did an Easy Bake Oven search on PolkMoms and read through those threads and didn't see the comments I'm about to make.

Easy Bake Ovens shouldn't be in just pink!

And I'm not the only one that thinks so.  

Teen says pink toy ovens discourage boys from kitchen play

I've long chatted that my son Ryan likes to cook.  And when you watch foodnetwork, Iron Chef (male hosted and dominated by male contestants), Emeril, Alton Brown, Bobby Flay...... the list goes on and on, these guys are some of his favorite celebrities and shows.

For him it's like a science experiment you can taste.  He loves good food with loads of flavor and he also loves to dip his hands into a raw mess (think raw eggs and raw ground meats).  To him, rolling meatballs is like playing with Play-Doh.

I wanted to buy as a dual gift for Ryan and Lillian the Easy Bake Oven but I know he would balk at baking with a pink device. 

Do you think play ovens should come in a variety of colors? 

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The teen even has a petition set up for Hasbro to market to males as well. Check it out!

Hasbro: Feature boys in the packaging of the Easy-Bake Oven

It's not just the ovens.  It annoys me that the "boy" toys are all being redone in pink versions yet none of the "girl" toys are being made more masculine.  What happened to "gender neutral" toys?  When I was little, I played with basic color Legos just fine and my brothers played with my metal shopping cart and pretend food.  We didn't need boy/girl colors. 

I have a four year old son, who every once in a while will say... "That's for girls".  I've never outright tried to say pink is for girls and blue is for boys, but I've also never went out and bought him "girl' stuff.  However....if he really wants something, believe me...he doesn't care what color it is...  In fact, my mother made me a pink blanket for my little girl, while I was still pregnant..  My son loved the feel (softness) of the blanket so much that he started to take it and nap with it.  I would say..."Now you know that belongs to your sister, right."  He would say, "Yea, but I like it. She can borrow my blue blanket"  I asked him "You don't care that it's pink?" he said "No, it's so soft"  In fact, we went on vacation just before our baby girl arrived, and he carried her pink blanket all over the place.  At one point I even looked at my husband and asked "You don't care that he carries it, do you honey", my husband said "No, if he likes it he likes it, to him it's just a soft blanket"  So... I can promise you, if my son really wanted an easy bake oven to cook in, the color would not matter to him.  He would just love the fact that he got it....and I would buy it for him in a heart beat too!  Nothing better than a husband that can cook, so the earlier I can get him started, the better!  :)

I love updates especially those that are "very cool".

Professional, male chefs are supporting this brother and sister duo's petition.

According to this link,  Male chefs: Easy Bake Ovens aren't just for girls these two have been asked by Hasbro for an audience to hear their thoughts on this topic. 

I loved Matchbox cars and race tracks, Lincoln Logs and primary colored Legos as a child, as much as I loved dolls and dress up. My son never showed an interest in girl toys, thank goodness because my husband can be very old fashioned about that stuff sometimes. I bought my son a little play stable with horses in it once when he was maybe three years old and my husband was furious because the stable was pink and teal! So silly! Total double standard because he loves it when my daughter acts all tough and tomboyish!

I seem to remember getting my little girl an Easy Bake Oven a few years back, and that year it was teal and white. The cookie cutters were pink maybe, but not the oven. My son "helped" us make the cookies but you could tell he was only in it for the end product. Barely helped.

I don't think it matters what color the oven is, but it would be nice to make some that are gender neutral colors. I bet sales would increase. I have seen the play kitchens with boys on the front of the box wearing chef's hats, etc, so why not do the same with Easy Bake? 

Here's my thing with this, and you see, this is a my thing, thing.  I was waiting for the new oven to come out (click into this discussion to understand that) to get one for my children as a shared gift for this Christmas.   I went to order one Cyber Monday.  Search after internet search, nothing but pink/purple.

Actually I found this petition while looking for one to buy! 

I know there are some boys that will be okay with pink tones. But not my son.  He would completely balk at it.  Not to mention he's an over-thinker.  I can totally see him thinking, This is pink, does that mean cooking is only for girls?   

The fact that he loves to create with cooking now, I don't want to chance ruining that for him.   Dude has serious talent that I don't want wasted with concern it's not a "guy-thing" to do. 

And honestly I really feel it was in poor taste for Hasbro to offer it only in what is largely considered a feminine color.   I feel like I could go on a sexist, Only girls in the kitchen? rant, but I'll refrain. 

My younger son loves to cook, and would probably have been quite happy with a masculine-colored EZBake oven when he was younger.  As it was, I just had him use the stove.  He makes a mean omelet (and he just turned 10!)

I heard on the radio this am Hasbro is going to come out with one in black and silver...


Yay, for our household but I still have to boo at the fact that this ever happened and I don't have one to give to my kiddos for Christmas this year. 

Alicia (Alsan) said:

I heard on the radio this am Hasbro is going to come out with one in black and silver...


I had a friend a couple of days ago alert me to local options for us to buy the neutral easy bake oven.   She found it at the Lakeland Toys r Us.  Below is her picture.   

Easy Bake Ultimate Oven - Black

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