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Texas Massacre Survivor's Courage Saved Grandparents' Lives

Texas Massacre Survivor's Courage Saved Grandparents' Lives

Opening several news sources, this is the story that dominates; it just breaks my heart.   

I agree, this teen should be commended for quickly taking action to save additional family members.  

I definitely want to touch on the angle of the suspect's past and the protective order that was issued against him that forbid that he have contact with his ex-wife and possibly other family members. 

It's chilling to know that people close to this man were trying to document this suspect's alleged violent tendencies, the protective orders were in place, and this type of action still occurred.  I can't help but wonder, was it legal for him to own a gun? 

Just haunting!  I hope a lot of healing finds the teen survivor and family and friends of those slain. 

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