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The Pros and cons of kids wearing uniforms in school

The above link adds a pros and cons list for students wearing a school uniform.  It urges parents to research both sides before you make an argument- for or against -the topic.

Considering Polk County Public Schools moved to uniforms, how are you all liking it?  Is it better than you thought? 

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My son doesn't like them, but I do - like the article says, it takes away from them deciding what to wear in the morning and it takes away the expense for us of having to have the best and latest trends.  Our son goes to a charter school and the only thing I don't like is having to buy the uniforms (particularly the pants and shorts) from a specific vendor.  If they are to wear khaki pants, why can't I buy them from Wal-mart??  It would save a lot of money if I could...  .

I also like that a lot of the schools have a free dress day, or a day where they can wear jeans, so it allows the students to show their own individuality and expression.

All in all, I am for the uniforms.

I would have loved uniforms as a junior high student.  I still remember how I never quite managed to dress right, so I can see the benefit.  I understand the angst over self-expression (and I'll admit I don't understand why the magnet schools insist on certain clothing vendors, as that appears to be an unfair financial burden on the parents), but overall I'm for it.

Now that my older son is in high school, he just wears his long-ish shorts and t-shirts -- it takes an act of God to get that boy into long pants -- and all is well :)

I don't mind the uniforms, I just wish they could still wear denim shorts/pants.  I find they are more durable and don't show stains that much.  Our son finally got over that he had to wear khaki's but he only wears shorts.  Bought pants last year for the cold days but he hated them.  Donated them to the school and they were still new. 

When I was in school we didn't have uniform requirements.  Actually we had no dress code at all.  I used to wear spandex pants, crinoline skirts over it at times and heels.  Of course it was the 80's and we were more geared to Madonna's look.  Of course it was easier to dress like that than to be teaed because you didn't have the right clothes.  Shopping at stores that are like today's Walmart, Kmart and such were a big no-no unless you wanted to be teased.  I would get name brand hand me downs and squeeze into them if needed.  It was rough.

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