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It all sounds good to me, particurlarly the tip of not having so much "stuff" or accumulation that makes a house look untidy.

Dirty Little Secrets Of Tidy Families

Do you have other tips to offer?

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I know when I get back I am going to start with all the papers we no longer need and old bills.  Everything will not only be shredded but burned as well.  There are folks that will piece all the shredded papers together in hopes to get your personal info.  After that it's all empty boxes and things we no longer use.  Then onto clothes and toys.

Time to finally get in gear and do what we have been wanting to do.  I feel less stressed when I am organized. 

Me, too.  With so much at random (unorganized) it feels like a weight on my shoulders. 

Tabby said:

Time to finally get in gear and do what we have been wanting to do.  I feel less stressed when I am organized. 

My husband and I are very much the odd couple. When I met him his house was immaculate. Little "stuff" so it was easy to dust and keep clean...you could eat off the floor... Then I came into his life. I am a slob. I won't even try and sugarcoat it. I am the queen of piles of mail (some of which is 6 months old and UNOPENED), I'll stack dishes until I run out, put off the laundry until I'm naked and once I finally wash the clothes I'll pile them on the couch and sift through them for something clean to put on instead of putting them away. His cleanliness (dare I say OCD) drives me nuts and my messiness drives him nuts. Lol Somehow we make it work.

I keep saying one of these days...one of these days...One of these days I'll shred the bills from 1995, one of these days I'll clean out the closets, one of these days I'll thin out the kids toys (at least the broken ones!! :O egads!)

When the kids were little I was actually good about at least organizing their toys and keeping their rooms clean. The biggest problem is as they got older and added new toys, we never got rid of anything!!! That's probably the best advice I could give anyone - clean out and purge every so often. It makes such a difference!

True story - just last weekend I was talking at work how my husband and I were going out that night as the kids were out of town. One of my coworkers said "oh you'll be just down the street from me, you should stop by!" So we did. I saw him today at work & asked if his wife was upset we just popped in with little notice and I laughed thag I'd need a couple days notice so I could "clean like DCF is coming"

Alicia, that cracked me up!   So glad you wrote all of that out for us.  I've made a big turn around on how clean I was.  I realized life was passing me by trying to maintain optimal cleaning levels.  I'm over it, but when piles happen, I get stressed.   Overall I've found a good balance although I sometimes still pang for that magazine cover look 24/7, I can't help it   :D

Alicia, I can relate about cleaning like DCF is coming.  Although our place isn't bad, I never feel it's clean enough for friends and family to pop over. I always ask them to call ahead.  One time my dad came and I played like I wasn't home (hubby had the car at work).  LOL

Well took the weekend to rest and relax from the vacation.  Got the car rental deposit refund straightened out.  Next time will pay $40-$50 more to go through Budget or other name brands.  Went through EZ Car Rentals and needless to say it was a headache.

Anyway started on my "To Do List" today.  Did a little here and there, but feeling better.  Just tossed about 2 dozen magazines I was saving for recipes and articles.  I clipped the recipes to put in a folder and glanced at the articles since I read them before and decided they weren't worth keeping.  Can find everything online.  I also broke down a bunch of boxes we were saving incase things needed to go back to the store or ship to the manufacturer.  Feels great to see a couple clear spots.

Got more things to go through and the worst is the papers to shred and burn.  Got all those papers from the pharmacy when you get your medication.  Bond fire kind of weekend...LOL

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