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The Most Important Thing You Can Teach Your Toddler: Your Name

The Most Important Thing You Can Teach Your Toddler

I agree this is a topic to touch on and teach to our little ones.   It's happened more times than I would expect, finding a little one, sans parent, crying.

When trying to locate a parent, the child will not know their mom or dad's name, except for "Mom" and "Dad" or their own last name.  

I will say, once, while at Busch Gardens, I notified an employee when a little guy looked to me to help him find his mother who then asked the boy his mother's name, he said he didn't know.   The employee then asked, "What does your dad call her?"  The little guy said, "Honey".   It was a sweet moment in a scary situation.   Thankfully an older sister came to collect him about 10 minutes into the dilemma (was watching him when he became lost) and I walked with them to the parents to be sure he was reunited.  

The above is a good reminder to let our little ones know who we are in case the unexpected happens.

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My daughter is 6 and knows the given names of everyone important in her family.  I have a niece that is 7 and knows her parents name but no one else in the family.  You ask her what my father's name is and she says "Pa". She did not know that was not his real name.  Because we live in Mulberry and we have family in Lakeland I made sure my daughter knew what city the family lives in also. I think that is just as important as knowing a phone number.

Thanks for sharing! Our 2 year old has started picking up on our names and sometimes calls us by them when she hears us use them and we had sort of discouraged her and said we were mommy and daddy. I hadn't thought about if she got lost. I will make sure she knows our names now!

Phone numbers too!  They can be a challenge though, given we live in time where area codes are so important.  When we were still in Michigan, all my 7yo had to remember was the 7 digits.  Here, it's all 10.  Though we've taught him if we're at Disney and he gets lost, he can say "my name is X, I'm lost, my mom is Y and she works at Epcot."

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