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According to the link, Is Your Kid's Backpack Too Heavy? Here's How to Know 

More than 24,000 people were treated in U.S. hospitals and doctors' offices for backpack-related injuries in 2012, and more than 9,500 of those patients were aged 5 to 18, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

What I loved about the link is the description on how to wear and use backpacks more safely, such as wearing and using both straps and wearing the pack close to your back as opposed to loose and hanging low. 

If your child is experiencing back pain when using a backpack, this link could be helpful for your family. 

I think I'll chat with my kiddos about this and make some strap adjustments.   All three of my children have issues with carrying a backpack either from being uncomfortable to too heavy. 

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This doesn't surprise me! Our backpacks in mainly Middle school were so heavy... I hope they have text books in the room and for home use so they don't have to carry them back in forth. I bet they are experiencing back pains at such a young age... Ouch! Poor kiddos! :)

I contacted my son's teacher last year because he carried so many books, supplies and folders back and forth to school on a daily basis. I wanted to know if any of them could be kept in his desk or at home. 

I don't remember having that many materials to carry (or a backpack) at such a young age, and I don't remember having to "switch classes" at such a young age either (they start in 1st grade at my kids' school). When I was a kid, switching classes started the last year of elementary school (6th), in order to prepare for Jr High (7th and 8th). 

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