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Are there any of you still holding out to read or watch this series? If you are, why?

To be VERY honest (and I’ve said this before) I had no desire what so ever to read this series. I have never been a fan of vampire anything. You could say I am a fairy tale scary lore fuddy dud. Not my thing.

I had already had other acquaintances, people I never thought would read such a genre, read these books and were ga-ga over it, begging me to pick the story up. I kept holding out, did not think this is something I could enjoy.

Another truth, I only read this story because some PolkMoms was chatting this and saying they loved it I really thought I would (finally) read this and give the opposing view.

Not to be, I loved it!

So, if you are like me, really holding fast to, “I’m not going to read this series”, take it from someone that was exactly in your shoes not that long ago. Try it, you might like it. Plus, chances are, you know someone that has these books. Ask to loan them. You won’t be out anything. : )

I wanted to take this space to chat this story line, whether it be the books or the movie. If you enjoy this story, too, add your thoughts about the books and movies here.

I think a chatty Twilight topic could be, are there scenes you would hate to see not added to future movies that are in the books? Check out this, 5 Breaking Dawn Scenes That Need to Make It into the Movie. One mention is the wise cracks that Rosalie and Jacob share that can be really comical. I agree! I sure hope they can squeeze in some of that bantering wolf/vampire chemistry those two share.




Robert Pattinson Says 'Eclipse' Is 'Different,' More 'Serious'

This title had me at Robert Pattinson. Oh, that young man is a cutie! I could watch him in the - almost reveal himself to the light with out a shirt scene -in New Moon over and over and over and ......

Anyway, trying to stay on topic here! I am SOOOO excited the next Twilight installment will bring us more vamp, werewolf excitement (never thought I would add those last three words together happily-weird).

Are you as excited as I am? Are you a Twilight fan?

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OMG- the trailer was AWESOME!!  I so cannot wait until it comes out!!!
Love it! Can't wait to see the movie. I've read all the books except the illustrated guide. Loved the one about Bree, and the unpublished parts of Midnight Sun that Stephanie Myer posted online.

So any chance the movie coming out will bring up a chance for a Polk Moms night?

I just had to add the trailer clip again in case someone doesn't take the time to scroll back to the page before where it's posted.  


I am Sooooooooooo excited to see this, I can not wait!


Jen, if we get enough interest, I don't mind going to see this with a group. For the last Twilight installment we put it out there for a group and only 3 of us went, and lol, I think I was the only one of the 3 really hankering to see it. The other 2 ladies just wanted a night out but still made great company.   : )




Shawn Arnold said:

The latest trailer to Breaking Dawn.  O.M.G ! ! ! !



Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog


Would you watch Twilight the TV series?

The link I added suggests Twilight might not be over and may reach the inside of our homes via a TV series.  Would you tune in?   Could you not accept other actors playing the major roles?   If you could imagine some actor switch ups, who would you like to see fill the roles?

Do not read this if you have not read the books yet, especially the Breaking Dawn book!!!

I know they left Breaking Dawn book with a cliffhanger.  There's one other boy that is like Renesmee and he keeps staring at Bella and her daughter.  Edwards tells Bella that the boy mainly will basically be seen again and Bells thinks it's because of Renesmee.  Edward tells her it's not with Jacob, it's with her (Bella) cause she survived the birth where his mom did not and he's curious.  Also it leaves it open with Jacob and Renesmee because they have a bond now. 

I do hope they continue on with books.  As far as continuing the movies that will be hard because unless they started making them now, now sure if I would like the change in actors/actress. 

It's not the teaser, but the teaser of the teaser.

It's just a few flash fleeting moments but I think my heart beat raced a little bit.  :D 

The full trailer is said to debut at this weekend's Hunger Games premiere.  

Read on one of the Twilight Facebook pages that the full trailer will be released to the public on Monday the 26th.  This small teaser was to quick of a teaser.  Looking forward to the full trailer.  I have yet to go to the theater to see any of the movies.  I have waited for it to come to DVD or borrowed a boot leg copy from friends.  Granted the boot leg copy is not that great, but it is enough to satisfy me till the real dvd/bluray comes out.  Never wanted to drag hubby out because I know they are not his thing and no one to go with.  Maybe if there's a gathering to go see part 2 in Nov with moms on here, I can jump in and go.

Wow this was a tease of a tease - I think the longest part was the trees and the notice that it was breaking dawn 2.  I cannot wait!  I doubt I'll go with my BF, but I'll definitely be making the midnight viewing like I did for 1.. and get my tshirt... LOL.


Not that there's a whole lot more added from the one I posted a few days ago, but the trailer that hit theaters with the Hunger Games release is up online.  

Extended trailer for the last installment of Twilight.  Loved it......

Chill bumps!

It looks like I share a birthday with Edward Cullen.   I just realized the above trailer came out to mark Edward Cullen's 111th birthday.  The character's birthday is June 20, 1901.

Happy Belated Birthday Shawn!!!!  I am so excited for the new clip they put out.  I have NEVER gone to the theater to see them when they were released, but I would LOVE to do it on  this last one.  Maybe we can see about getting a group of moms that want to see it to go.  I know I am available on Friday and Saturdays or Sunday Matinees.  Those days I would have a car.

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