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Are there any of you still holding out to read or watch this series? If you are, why?

To be VERY honest (and I’ve said this before) I had no desire what so ever to read this series. I have never been a fan of vampire anything. You could say I am a fairy tale scary lore fuddy dud. Not my thing.

I had already had other acquaintances, people I never thought would read such a genre, read these books and were ga-ga over it, begging me to pick the story up. I kept holding out, did not think this is something I could enjoy.

Another truth, I only read this story because some PolkMoms was chatting this and saying they loved it I really thought I would (finally) read this and give the opposing view.

Not to be, I loved it!

So, if you are like me, really holding fast to, “I’m not going to read this series”, take it from someone that was exactly in your shoes not that long ago. Try it, you might like it. Plus, chances are, you know someone that has these books. Ask to loan them. You won’t be out anything. : )

I wanted to take this space to chat this story line, whether it be the books or the movie. If you enjoy this story, too, add your thoughts about the books and movies here.

I think a chatty Twilight topic could be, are there scenes you would hate to see not added to future movies that are in the books? Check out this, 5 Breaking Dawn Scenes That Need to Make It into the Movie. One mention is the wise cracks that Rosalie and Jacob share that can be really comical. I agree! I sure hope they can squeeze in some of that bantering wolf/vampire chemistry those two share.




Robert Pattinson Says 'Eclipse' Is 'Different,' More 'Serious'

This title had me at Robert Pattinson. Oh, that young man is a cutie! I could watch him in the - almost reveal himself to the light with out a shirt scene -in New Moon over and over and over and ......

Anyway, trying to stay on topic here! I am SOOOO excited the next Twilight installment will bring us more vamp, werewolf excitement (never thought I would add those last three words together happily-weird).

Are you as excited as I am? Are you a Twilight fan?

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I had plans to go see the first part of Breaking Dawn at the midnight showing on the night it came out but didn't make it. I would REALLY love to see this one the night it comes out. I LOVE this series!!!! LOVE IT!!!! So sad this is the end

Thank you, Tabby. :)

Tabby said:

Happy Belated Birthday Shawn!!!!  I am so excited for the new clip they put out.  I have NEVER gone to the theater to see them when they were released, but I would LOVE to do it on  this last one.  Maybe we can see about getting a group of moms that want to see it to go.  I know I am available on Friday and Saturdays or Sunday Matinees.  Those days I would have a car.

Oh my goodness how weird is this....Just found out my nephew will be doing a canoe trip with 2 members from the Queilite Tribe of La Push, Washington.  I am so proud!!  Here's what my sister in law posted on Facebook:

Hakamé! Greetings from Shinnecock!

Finally, the time has come for the epic journey across the Long Island Sound. Chenae Bullock, also known as Kachina Aponi, “Dancing Butterfly,” and Adam Phillips, our resident rodeo buff, will attempt to ride the waves of the great sea, canoeing from our territory at Westwoods to the Stoddard Hill State Park, Peaquot territory, in Connecticut. The goal is to create an intertribal Mishoon (canoe) Society to represent the eastern coastal tribes in the upcoming annual Tribal Canoe Journey in the territory of the Squaxin people of Washington State.

The traditional way to ask our sister tribes for the honor of joining us on such a far-away journey is to canoe to their shores, offer gifts, and share songs and stories. And so, the three-day journey will begin early tomorrow morning, on June 22, when two Shinnecock and brothers from the coastal Queilite Tribe of La Push, Washington, will push off in a 6-man, 40-foot, Hawaiian-style canoe. The itinerary, now based on tides and time, has been updated as follows:

Today, Thursday, June 21: A practice paddle from Shinnecock’s Cuffees Beach, to Westwoods during slack tide, where the crew will eat dinner and camp out.

Friday, June 22: The crew will eat breakfast and break down camp at 6 a.m., leave for Conscience Point at 8 a.m., arriving by 10 a.m., where a 20 minute ceremony will be held. The crew will continue to East Marion on the North Fork, arriving by 5 p.m., where they will have dinner and set up camp—people are invited to follow along on the hour paddle to Conscience Point in their own canoes.

Saturday, June 23: the crew will rise for breakfast and break down camp at 5 a.m.; the 5- to 6-hour paddle to New London, Connecticut, will begin promptly at 6 a.m., arriving around noon.

Following a short break, the crew will push off for the 3-hour paddle up the Thames River to Stoddard Hill State Park in the Peaquot territory, arriving by 4 p.m. to set up camp and have dinner.

Sunday, June 24: the crew will have breakfast and break down camp, then leave at noon for the 1-hour paddle to Mohegan.

The media and as many people as possible are invited to greet the canoe at any of its landings. Volunteers are needed to help to set up camp, secure the canoe upon landing, and to offer food and water along their journey. But more than anything, they need prayers to keep them afloat and encourage this historic and spiritual quest to revive a great tradition. For more information on volunteering or to inquire on how to donate, call 240-723-1326 or email aponiwind@gmail.com


I read the first book and  my daughter tell me, mom thats a movie. I look at her funny. I read all the books then went seen the movie. Iam glad I did, cause the movie leaves out parts. I can sit and read or what them over and over

It is sad they leave out so much from books or vary the scenes from the books (any type of book made to movie).  I've read the series hundreds of times and still catch things from the movies that are different.  With books you have a greater imagination and unlimited budget...LOL

Oh, oh, and OH!  

I love this newest trailer makes me want the movie all the more- which I didn't think was possible.

But a side note.   I'm perfectly great at separating personal lives from entertainment but I still have an, "Aw, man!" when watching the Kristin and Rob performances in the above video.   They really are cute together onscreen and off.  

ATTN LADIES!!! I just got an email from fandango - tickets go on sale on October 1st at midnight for the opening show.  I am so there!!  What about a mom's night out?????!!!  

Stacie, that is awesome thanks for the update!

I would definitely be up for a moms' night out!

I missed this up date on the presale last month :o(

Just checked Fandango and they are not available in our area yet.  I did put my email in there to be notified when they will go on sale here.  Is anyone from here going in a group to see this?  I want  to go, but do not want to drag hubby since it's not his thing. 

Doing the marathon at Eagle Ridge Mall on the 15th. First movie starts at 11:25. Can't wait!!!

Hey ladies. In case some of you have not purchased your tickets yet I wanted to share a great link with you. My friend and I attend this event every year and I can tell you it is completely and totally worth the extra money and drive. These ladies raise money for The Foundation for America's Blood Centers. You can see all the extra things they have planned and best of all the movie starts at 7:30!


Amanda, that's pretty cool with a cause too.  Love it.  Thank you for adding it for our consideration.  :)

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