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I was reading along at this link, Report Warns of Trampoline Dangers and saw this, 

the number of trampoline-related injuries has steadily decreased since 2004

and thought,

Yeah, nets.  That's definitely it.  Trampolines are safer with enclosures.  For sure

But here was my, wonk, wonk, wonk, moment.

"There was a trend downward in the number of injuries, but it was the same time trampoline sales decreased,"

I have had a trampoline for my children for years but recently took it down (probably a year ago) because our home insurance policy changed and they would not cover us with the play device.

At first I felt okay with this, there have been some nervous moments and close calls with playmates that have come over, but then, this is something I miss, too. 

We use to get on this thing all the time as a family, jump until my lungs hurt with the kids.  We would lay on it at night to point up at the stars.  There's nothing like a game of tag while running on a trampoline from a toddler.  Yes, we do have the enclosure.

And speaking of the netting.   I tend to have a lot of yard work and when the kids were very small, it was so nice to zip and clip the netting, putting them into the trampoline with toys.  It was like a giant playpen.  Besides the stay-put factor, they were up off the ground away from ants and other biting bugs.

Since the trampoline came down, my daughter has gained weight (jumping was great exercise!) and I find that all of my children are less likely to be lured outdoors for outside playtime.

What do you think about trampolines?   Do you have one?  If so, do think net use is a must?   Have you also had issues with an insurance carrier for owning a trampoline?   Do you feel they are dangerous.?   Do you know someone that has been injured while using a trampoline?

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My thoughts on trampoline safety are.......... NOBODY should own one.  I grew up with one in our back yard and spent many hours on it with no problems.  My children have owned 2 of them, but we disposed of our LAST one this summer.

On July 8th, our 14 year old daughter (13 at the time) landed wrong and suffered a Bimalleolar fracture of her left ankle. That means she broke 2 bones at once, the tibia and fibula......basically the "ball" part at ankle on both sides broke off.  She had  an open reduction internal fixation on July 13th.  The surgeon placed pins, screws and wire in her bones, then closed the 2 surgical incisions with 17 staples.  She had a total of 6 casts, spent more than a month in a wheel chair full time and still uses it for longer distances..  It has been 11 weeks and she is still has pain, swelling and can't walk normally.  We have been informed by her orthopedist and his staff that she has  a 100% chance of arthritis in that ankle and the swelling/ pain she is still experiencing may never go away completely.  She will need a second surgery to remove  the steel that was put in.  There are NO  health benefits from a trampoline  that make chancing an injury like this worth using one.

For the record, we did have a safety enclosure.  It didn't and couldn't prevent what happened to our daughter. 

We haven't gotten one but have considered it. I'm sure my kids would have a blast with one, they've had a lot of fun on them at friends' houses. My main reason for not getting one is I've heard home owner's insurance rates go up if they know you have one. Mine are high enough!

I realize kids get hurt on them. They also get hurt on swings, slides, monkey bars and bikes. My sister's knee has never been the same since she crashed into a tree on our death sled   toboggan.


I'm not trying to make light of your daughter's injury birdfamily, I am very sorry she's going through this.


Trampolines scare me. Then again, lots of things scare me!

We had a swing set with a loft house on top and my son toppled right out of it. He also fell down our stairs a couple of times...my daughter too. They didn't suffer any permanent injury, thank goodness!

I guess when you're jumping, you can reach higher heights and fall harder too, so I can see where the net is key. Even with the net, it sounds like there are still injuries.

Jumping is important for kids who need it the most (sensory, autism, ADHD)  We just used the couch/bed, etc. in my house for that! We also did a gymnastics class. The gyms out there that have toddler programs are great. Lots of trampolines and foam pits, bungee swings, etc.

I love trampolines. I wish we could get one but our home insurance won't allow it and we have a really good rate. It IS really good exercise. After about 5 minutes, I'm ready to die of exhaustion! I never though about being pinned in like a playpen. That sounds pretty good too. 

I know these were hugely popular when I was growing up in the 80's.  We bounced for hours and even did things we probably shouldn't have but if we had a video camera would have won us $10,000 on Amerca's Home Videos.

  I had heard most home owner insurance policies would not cover them which stinks for those who want to have them.  As with anything there is inherent risk.  What I don't understand about the insurance though is I would think more people are injured/die from swimming pool accidents vs trampolines but insurance policies still cover those!

Over-wrked Momma, good point on the pool vs. trampoline when considering insurance coverage.  The discrimination really doesn't make sense.

Birdfamily I don't want to dismiss your story and I'm really happy you added it.  This topic was for us to explore both sides of trampoline use, the good and the bad.  Thank you for adding your experience and I'm very sorry your family will have to endure further issues from the injury you described.   I hope the actual outcome surpasses expectations.  :)

I would want to add, I've known someone with an extreme ankle and heel break just from stepping wrong off a sidewalk.     

I'm still staying with I miss the trampoline.   In fact, my daughter is taking a pom-pom class at the dance studio she attends and some of these cheer related moves, I would feel much better about her practicing on a soft bounce landing the trampoline could offer as opposed to her landing on her head on hard ground. 

Again, I'm thankful for the replies and hope to see more. 

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