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Toddler's death in Pittsburgh shows no zoo is 100 percent safe

Toddler's death in Pittsburgh shows no zoo is 100 percent safe

This stems from a story nightmares are made from for parents.  

Days after the horrible tragedy of a toddler falling into a zoo exhibit which results in his death after being mauled by the animals enclosed, the story is being examined more broadly by zoos everywhere.

As a mom, I can't count the times my little ones have asked me to "pick them up" so they could see better.   

Do you think zoos should move to glassed-in viewing stations for animals? 

Do you feel the zoo should be held responsible in this tragedy?  

Also linked above is the mention that investigators have not yet announced whether the mother will be charged in this tragedy. Should there be charges or blame for the mother or zoo or should this story be left to go in history as a horrible accident?

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This is horrible. I have a two year old my self. This is really scary. I will think twice about putting my son close to the fence again. 

I think they are right.  Nothing is 100 % safe.  It is up to us as parents to make sure we do our best to provide a safe environment.  I don't think they should go to all glass enclosures.  This mother let her child stand on a rail and from what I read he lost his balance and fell in.  It is one thing to have them on the rail but sounds like noone was holding him or not holding him tight enough. She could have held him in her arms and he would have seen just as well.  I went to a zoo in St Augustine.  My husband, daughter and I were watching the alligator show.  It was a pit with a large wall and railing around it.  Many times he had to tell parents to please not put their children on the rail, they could fall in.  This was an area with close to 50 alligators. Parents need to be responsible for their actions.  I pray for this family but she put her child in danger with what she did. 

From the account I read she put him ON the railing. IMO the responsible party is the parent not the zoo. He couldn't see, too bad. "Oh I'm sorry you can't see the doggies...let's go see the lions"  Parents are always giving kids what they want these days and think they should be able to do/see everything - kids can be told no. Or - asking to be picked up is not the same as setting your kid on the railing.  He was 2 - did he really care if he saw this particular animal or could he have been easily distracted to see something else...

That said, if somehow my kid happened to fall in I wouldn't hesitate to shoot at the animals mauling him and would handle those consequences later. But really, I've never put my kid on a railing anywhere. I'd pick them up on my hip or hold them against my body in front of me, but never on the railing.

I've been following this story since it happened and don't misunderstand me - it is very very sad. But completely preventable and IMO the zoo is not liable.

Parents settle Pittsburgh Zoo lawsuit in mauling death of 2-year-ol...

The above story still gives me chills.  Apparently there was litigation involving the parents and the zoo.  

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