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If you want these, please take them away.  There are a couple things that need some work to it, but nothing major. Hate to just toss it if someone is can fix it and use it.

Thomas the Train small backpack 

Thomas the Train nap mat

The mat does need to be sewn, then washed, and if you want to get another piece of foam to put in it, but it has one in it.  I got the mat when Jesse started pre-school, but did not need it.  It is the same way it was when I got it, I just put it away and forgot about it.

Regular kid's train picture in a white frame (no glass, never had one).  Had gotten it and never put it up as well.

Small kid's train lamp, but when I was taking it out of the laundry room the part where the bulb goes in broke.  This is an easy fix for about $5. 

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