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Babyccinos give kids a taste of coffee culture

I know my kids would dig this idea and how cool would they look, maybe even feeling grown-up, sipping on a ceramic cup.

Have you let your children indulge in a babyccino?  Do you do just the stemmed milk or do you add some regular or decaf coffee?

Do your children like the flavor of coffee? 

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My kids can't fathom why on earth I drink coffee - they think it's disgusting (presumably from the smell - they've never had it) - so, I doubt they'd be into kiddy coffees :)

I get them a kids hot chocolate from Starbucks once in a blue moon - they like that - but I'm not sure it's because they feel 'cool' per se - just that it's hot chocolate :)

I worked in a small hometown coffee shop for several years in the late 90's. I served up cappuccino's and latte's to plenty of moms and I thought it was quite sweet to see their mini me's having a small cup of steamed milk. I never once saw one add a shot of espresso decafe or not but I wouldn't have thought twice if they had, I knew the owner a sweet Sicilian woman who had shared her stories of growing up and how common place that drink was in her upbringing. I've let my son taste my coffee he's not a fan yet even if he had been I have no intention of letting him start his day with a cup of coffee. :) He doesn't even care for hot chocolate presently.

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