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Ok, my issue is that when my son was born Medicaid told me I was on Family Planning for 1 year, which would help cover BC pills, check ups, etc. (My son is now 3 months old) I called to confirm eligibility so I could schedule my tubal, now they say I'm on "Medically Needy SHare of Cost", no family planning - so not covering any family planning or anything. Doctors office said self pay for the Essure procedure is $3,024. Ouch. Called Planned Parenthood, for a tubal they gave me the phone number for Pinellas Health Dept. No answer. Polk Health Depts say they are out of funding until July 2013. Considered getting another Mirena ($500), but I really want something permanent. Does anyone know of any reduced price clinics/centers that offer tubals? I don't expect anything for free, but I just need a little help! I'm terrified of getting pregnant again, 2 boys under 5 is more than enough for me. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Did you log on and check your Medicaid status online? I kinda went thru the same thing. I went for my 6 wk post C-section check up and was told my the medical secretary that I did not have Family Planning coverage and had to pay cash to see the OB/GYN. It turns out that 5 different people misunderstood the response when they checked my insurance status.
Log on and check your status, hopefully you have coverage and can have access to the health care you want. Good luck
BTW, the ACCESS Florida web site info should be on the approval letter they mail out. I used to work with clients getting Medicaid from NYS and they would have the same problem all the time.

Just checked online, shows medically needy with an $893 share of cost. I have no idea where to go from here. :(

Sorry to hear that. The only thing that I can recommend is to try applying for Family Planning Medicaid again thru whomever helped you the first time (OB clinic, hospital or the socail worker). If they can't help with getting coverage, they might be able to give you other options for coverage. Good luck

When I was pregnant with my youngest son, we had decided that 3 children were enough. So Since I was having a C-section so I decided to have my tubes tied.I had to pay an extra $750 dollars towards it but the insurance we had at the time paid the rest of the cost along with the delivery. That was 32 years ago but I think prices have gone up since then. What ever you find out make sure you and your husband are on the same page.

Have you called that Voluntary Medical Clinlic on the corner of Lakeland Hills and Memorial Blvd. in Lakeland

If you can make an appt at a Dr and pay for it they can help you. When you go for the procedure your share of cost will be met. It doesn't mean you have to pay the full 893. It just means that you have to use at least that much to be covered for medicaid for that particular month.

Medicaid only keeps you on any kind of family planning plan for 8 weeks after birth. During those 8 weeks is when any type of procedure needs done (which is why it needs to be discussed with the doctor well in advance of birth). I don't know of any discounted programs to get a procedure done now. However, I suggest you pick something other than Essure! I had it done. Great at the time. Wonderful for the first 6 months. Now, not so much. SHARP stabbing pains (randomly), HEAVY flow (like a fatal artery wound), no energy, sick to stomach during the entire mother nature visit to where I can only eat very little. Oh and the weight gain. I really wish that I had done more research before having it done. There are women who have gotten pregnant 5 years after and there is no trace of the coils even though they had confirmation of proper placement. Some women have had major issues with them vanishing all together, punching through the tubes, being found punching holes in the uterus (requires hysterectomy at that point) and some, when they got pregnant, the coil was found to be in the sac with the fetus!  In the meantime, if you seriously want no more children, just take precautions. Best of luck to you!

@Julia- my husband and I are both very sure that our 2 boys are enough lol

@Lyndia - I am actually a patient now at Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine. I called them yesterday and they said I woud have to discuss at my next dr's appt. Hopefully I can get a referral or something through them.

@Mary -I have read of some women having problems with Essure. I am the type of person if something bad can happen, it will happen to me! Would really like to have a laparoscopic tubal, but may just go back with Mirena while I save some money.


Thanks everyone for advice and help.


When I posted about having my tubes tied, I had a son and a daughter . My hubby and I had decided no matter if the baby was a girl or a boy, we were going to have my tubes tied. My oldest son was very sickly. He had 2 birth defects that had to be surgically corrected before he was 5 years old. The most important one was corrected at age 3. At that age we found out that he had been born with kidney disease . We were told as long as his kidneys worked he would not need a transplant but if one kidney stopped working , he would go into kidney failure. He had been born with abnormally small kidneys. His kidney disease affected his growth also. At age 23 he went into failure but did not realize he was sick. He came with in 12 hours of dying in his sleep.His remaining kidney had continued to produce urine but the toxins in the blood built up and that was what was killing him. The day he found out he was in end stage renal failure, he was put into the hospital and put on hemo-dialysis. That was in 1999. On Sept 2, 2000 he received a kidney transplant. My sons can stand side by side and you would say the youngest was the oldest because he is much taller than his brother. There is a 5 year age difference in their ages. As of right now my oldest son is 36 years old and mostly healthy how ever he does have to be careful about how much weight he lifts because of weight restrictions on his bones due to osteoporosis, which he is afflicted with , it is one of the drawbacks of having kidney disease.

good luck

I, too, had to use the Pregnancy Medicaid after the loss of my health insurance earlier this year.  The notice that I received regarding the Family Planning Medicaid is that it is good for a year and although it didn't state so specifically it did not appear to be tied to Share of Cost.  It appears to be a completely separate program.  It also stated that it could be reapplied for a 2nd yr.  They included a phone number for additional info.  It isn't the Access FL number but I've never called it so I don't know how hard it is to get an actual person.  The number is 800-451--2229. 

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