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I spent all day baking goodies for 2 very good childhood friends and shipped it out Monday morning.  Sent them with the Priority Mail (one was in the medium flat rate and one was a small reg priority box).  Just got a call from the one that I shipped regular small priority box and everything was crushed.  I am so pissed.  I wrapped everything and made sure it was protected and told them it was perishable when they asked.  Why bother ask if you're just going to put heavy boxes on top of it?!

From now on I am only shipping from the UPS Store or Fed Ex since I never had any issues with them.  Now I worry about the box I just sent to my godson Priority Mail today.  I am so through with the Post Office and I am sorry if anyone on here works there, but I can see why so many do not ship through them anymore.  I had thought and hoped they changed, but I can see they haven't and it got worse.  I will be contacting them and voicing my mind on this.

Now I got to go back to bake more goodies and spend more money to ship her another box.  Thank you United States Postal Service.

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I can also say that I had to same problem with USPS.  My son attends a Military College in Missouri, and a couple months ago, I baked and send some treats to him in a care package.  The package arrived to him crushed and everything inside was crushed and crumbled.  Needless to say, he was looking forward to some homemade treats (and so were his friends), and nothing was edible.  Very upsetting

Tabby, I know you said you told them your items were perishable but did you tell them they were fragile?  When I have something fragile (baking goods are after all) I will either write or tape "Fragile" all over the box.

I use the USPS all the time.  Every year to the children's great grandmother in Charleston, SC a Christmas gift (birthdays, and general treats through the year, too) and when I lived in Columbia SC myself, and even overseas I was constantly mailing and receiving from the USPS.   I've never had a problem.

Combined with marking the mess out of the box with "Fragile" and making sure everything is cushioned inside super well ( I use plastic shopping bags bunched up as an inside-the-box-buffer) I've had great results.   

I am sorry that your baking didn't make it.  :(   It is a lot of effort to do and to be lost.  

I had two boxes arrive pretty crushed recently and they were not USPS. I think things are a lot more rushed and rules are overlooked this time of year.

I too am upset, sent my parcels to Canada on Dec. 1 and they still have not arrived, although mine could also be a customs issue, it is upsetting to get a parcel together and now my parents do not have anything to open on Christmas morning.  All I can do is hope they get it on Monday...(they don't have Saturday delivery).

okay, so they finally came through and package was delivered today, but I sent it more than one week before the cut off date - so glad I did it early and next year I am going to look into sending it another way, either UPS or FedEx as it was, the package was 10 lbs and cost me $50.00 to ship through USPS, so need to do some comparison shopping (or shipping...lol) next year, but so happy that it arrived in good condition before the holiday. 

Congrats Joyce that it made it there in time. I know that has to be a weight off your shoulders and a relief your family members will have something to enjoy on Christmas day. :)

Yes, Shawn, was very pleased to get that phone call!  I think it must have something to do with Canada Customs because they send parcels down here and they are here within a week, and their parcels go through U.S. customs, but it has always taken a couple of weeks for mine to reach them, even outside of the busy Christmas season.  

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