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Ok moms, I need some advice.

I have a two year old son, amazing little guy, and I am currently 19 weeks with our second baby. I had a c-section with Connor due to his breech position. So when I met with my first doctor this go around they advised another C-section delivery. Stating that Winter Haven regency doesnt allow vbac deliveries. Turns out the only hospital in Polk County that does is Lakeland Regional. So I called around and finally decided to see a midwife at Lakeland OB/Gyn. My first appointment with them isnt until Dec. 12th.

Which means I will be 6 weeks with out a doctors visit. Which kind of makes me nervous. I started to worry about another C-section this time around because my first experience was horrible in every way you could possibly imagine. I wasnt able to take care of myself fully for about 3 weeks because my incision reopened multiple times. My major concern this time is Connor. Having a c-section means I wouldnt be able to do most of the things I do now with him. As much as the hubby is out of town working, this has me terrified. I have to be able to care for myself as well as Connor and our new little girl. We live in the middle of nowhere and the closest family member I have works full time 35 minutes away. I dont want to  be put in a situation that could cause harm to myself or most importantly my children.

Has anyone tried a vbac, would you be willing to share how your experience was...regrets or no regrets?

I was wondering if any of you ladies have been in the same, or similar situation and could offer up oppinions or advice. Thanks a bunch :)

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First, talk to the doctor to see if it is in the best interest of the baby.  I had an emergency C Section with my first and was also expecting to schedule a C-Section when pregnant with # 2.  I was told (back then - 1995) that I could not schedule a C-Section and had to try for VBAC first.  This scared me since I was in full labor with the first and still had to have the C.

As it was, I was again in full labor with #2 and still needed another emergency C.  So personally, if you can schedule a C, in the best interest of the baby, by all means do so.  Being in active labor and then having to react to an emergency is not good for either of you. I wished I could have scheduled the C and not have the panic that goes with an emergency.

I was fortunate to have family close by, and for me the second one was worse than the first.  My incision also tried to reopen on the 2nd one, but not the first.  I was more tender the 2nd time around and also had my tubes tied during the C.

Keep in mind, no matter what anyone says here on this site, you have to do what is best for that precious little baby.  You can "adjust" life around you if you go via a C - make sure you have something you don't have to lean over as much, seek help from friends (or your church) to have them come over on a schedule and put things within reach, etc.

Best of Luck.

I had a horrible C-section first time around. I had a lot of complications and went into labor early with my second child, and needed a C-section again. I was actually having contractions and looking forward to each one because I knew that was the closest I would get to ever giving birth vaginally!

I would suggest reading some of the boards on Mothering.com. Readers of this magazine tend to be very pro-natural and anti-hospital, so some find it too one-sided. According to the articles in this magazine, a VBAC is safer than a repeat C in many cases, but doctors, especially in the US, still prefer C sections. To balance it out, you can read up on both sides of the argument, do your own research, get a few doctor's opinions if possible, talk to people who've done it, etc. 

It seems that my local OBGYNs have changed their opinions on VBACs over the years....at times saying they encourage it, and at times saying they discourage it. I wonder if the new healthcare bill will cause a slight shift back in favor of VBAC over repeat C-section in cases where there is no reason for concern. 

Thank you both very much for responding. I have done a lot of research both ways and I really feel like trying to go naturally would be the best thing for us. I went into labor with Connor the night before my c-section. I only had to have it because he was in breech position, I was to afraid to have them try to turn him since he was so stuck under my ribs and in my pelvis. They told me as long as this baby didnt end up that way too there was no reason i couldnt have a trial of labor. From what I have heard from the doctors I have talked to and what I have read from the countless websites other than labor stalling and having to have a c-section the only other risk is uterine rupture, which according to the ACOG is much less than even 1%. I know my body was made for this. I think too that if my first experience hadnt been so horrible I would be resisting as much this time. If I lived closer to my family or knew I could count on hubby to be here so Connor would be taken care of I wouldnt be near as worried. I have to think about his needs and make sure he is taken care of too. With a c section I wouldnt be able to pick him up to bathe him or put him into bed, or God fobid something happened and I was out here alone...I want to know I will be able to take care of him. I guess I will just have to wait and see how it goes. As long as everything goes normally with this pregnancy I dont think there will be any issues. If I end up having to have another c section in the end at least I know I tried, and I wont fight with the doctor about it. As long as she and I are in good health thats all that matters. Again thank you both for responding. I will let you know how it goes :)

I had a successful VBAC this past February.  It was my 3rd delivery.  My 1st baby was born vaginally with an epidural and my second was a C-Section due to failure to progress.  My second pregnancy was very complicated and it was strongly recommended for me to have an epidural in that delivery but I do believe that it caused my labor to stall as I was dilated to 6-7 centimeters when I arrived at the hospital.  He was a big baby though at 9.3 lbs.

I truly wanted to have a VBAC with the third but eventually agreed to follow the recommendation of my doctor as it projected for me to have another 9+ lb baby and he felt that a VBAC was risky.  I was more fearful of a vacuum extraction delivery or a shoulder distocia rather than the risk of a 2nd C-Section.  She would have been if I had gone all the way to my due date like my others but she was born at 38 weeks and was 8.9 lbs. 

I do know that the OB's are under great pressure from litigation in FL.  I've been told that the reason so many of them don't like to do VBACs is that if they have 3 insurance settlements in FL that they can no longer obtain their professional liability insurance thus making them unable to practice.  I can certainly understand their reluctance to take the chance albeit a small chance that something could go wrong.  As I'm sure that you researched, a uterine rupture can be minor or it can be devastating with the loss of mother and/or child. 

I do know that you will need to get your complete records related to your C-Section from both your OB and the hospital you delivered at.  Not only is the type of incision you had important but the method used to close the incision.  Some closure methods make a VBAC riskier.  Since you are looking at the midwives with Lakeland OB, another question I would ask is how they would handle an emergency C-Section and if their group doctors are onsite at LRMC or would you have to use the hospitalist group at LRMC.  The other question I would ask is the comfort level of all the midwives with VBACs.  I used Watson and they always had a MD onsite at LRMC but I found in speaking with the other providers that I met within the group that they had very different levels of comfort with VBACs and how long they would let you labor.  I only mention this as with most of the practices here the practitioners rotate who is on at the hospital so you really didn't know who would do the delivery.  I also know that they should never use induction agents with a VBAC.  You will essentially be like a first time mom in the fact that you've never delivered vaginally.

My VBAC experience was a good one.  My water broke at home around 3;30 to 4:30 while I was napping.  My contractions didn't start until about 2 hrs later and were very irregular.  At about 7:15 they started gaining in intensity and my husband told me he wasn't waiting any longer and that I needed to get into the car immediately.  I was being a little passive aggressive as I truly didn't want the C-Section and wanted to get as much time at home as possible.  With a VBAC they will require you to be continuously fetal monitored and not have the ability to get up  and walk around.  It takes about 45 minutes to get to LRMC from my home and we needed to drop my kids off to their caregiver for the evening but in route my contractions accelerated greatly and I told me husband to drop me off first.  I arrived at the hospital at around 8:00 PM and went to triage.  They told me that I was only 3 cm at that point.  I was in extreme pain and couldn't believe that I was only 3 (I still question this).  The doctor came in that would do my delivery and gave me the option of proceeding with my C-Section plan or a VBAC.  The pain was speaking at that point and I told them to go ahead and do the C-Section (if I had known how close I was to delivering I never would have consented to the C-Section).  They started my labs and anethesiology came in to consult.  By this point it is about 9:00 and the contractions were hard and fast.  The anethesiologist even asked the nurse had they checked me recently and they said no because I was getting a section and they didn't want to put me through it.  It was obvious now that I was in transition at this point.  At 9:30 I felt the baby move way down and had pressure.  I told the nurse and everyone jumped into action.  Needless to say I was fully dilated and no time to do anything else.  I had a fully natural childbirth and all I can say is yikes.  It was the worst pain ever but I lived to tell the tale and would do it again.  Little did we know but that whole experience was totally God taking control because our baby had an unknown very serious intestinal birth defect that was not detectable on an ultrasound but became a true surgical emergency.  She was transferred to St. Jospeh's and underwent a small bowel resection at less than 24 hrs old.  I never would have been able to go with her or had the stamina to deal with a NICU baby for 10 weeks if I would have had the C-Section.  I can tell you through the whole pregnancy I never had a peace about having a C-Section and now know why.

Ultimately, it sounds as if you're not having the indecision that I was having and are very comfortable with the pros and cons of a VBAC vs C-Section and have researched on you own.  I wish you the best going forward in your pregnancy.

Oh, and on the issue of 6 weeks between visits until you can get established at the new practice; could you not schedule your usual 4 wk appt with your current doctor and then see the new group at your scheduled time?

Thank you for sharing your story. Connor was a small baby, 6 lbs 5 oz and 19 in. but he took up every bit of room there was to take. He was wedged under my ribs and down in my pelvis, the had to fight to get him out.

I was with Watson Clinic with my first, Dr Langley delivered him. I had my records sent over last week from all three places. One of the first issues I brought to their attention was the fact that the first time my incision reopened was less than 24 hours after the surgery and I busted the about 1/4 of the stitches that were holding my uterus together. The swelling from all the bleeding internally kept it from healing properly and there is still a "whole" in the middle of the incision. The doctor that reviewed my records and agreed to see me said that as of this moment everything with this pregnancy is going well and as long as no problems arise he will let me proceed with a vbac. He aslo said that there is no way to know how much or how bad the scarring is unless they do another c section. At which point they would also repair the damage from the first one. I know the amount of scarring has a lot to do with the risk of rupture during a vaginal delivery. The nurse also told me that it would be a midwife that assisted me in the delivery and that if any complications arose or I needed an emergency c section that one of their on call doctors would be available. LRMC requires the md to be there the entire time, so even though the midwife will be delivering, the dr still has to be called in if he is not already there in case something goes wrong.

Most doctors will not induce for a vbac, and they will only let you go a week after your due date and then they will do a c section anyway. As well as if any problems occur during those last few weeks that require immediate action, a c section will be done.

Lrmc is over an hour away from where I live, so I am prepairing myself for that issue. My brother and his amazing girlfriend live about 15 minutes from lrmc I think and she is going to be with me for this delivery and my brother will take care of Connor...so hopefully all that works out smoothly. I went into labor with Connor the night before my c section, and I was able to hold out until the following day at 12 when they finally did my c section. I was dialated to 6 and the contractions were very close together but my water hadnt broken yet, so they werent to bad thank goodness.

I desperately want to avoid another c section this time around, I dont want to miss out on all the things I missed with Connor. I was in recovery for 3 hours waiting on pain medicine and was in so much pain when the rn brought him in for me to nurse him for the first time, she had to hold him for me because I couldnt. I was heavily medicated the majority of the time, and dont remember a lot of the 4 days I was there. Looking at pictures, there are some that I dont even remember. I want to be present for every bit of it this time. I aslo had a rough recovery, thank goodness I had an army of friends and family to help me with him. I wont have that this time. I am praying that things go smoothly and I can do this the way God intended for it to be done.

I am so glad that things went well for you and your family,and also that your little girl is ok! My niece was born almost 8 weeks early and had a very hard time. She didnt come home until her due date. She had a number of issues with her lungs not being develpoed and she would stop breathing, she also had a few episodes where her heart would stop, on top of that she got RSV while in the NICU. She was on a monitor for several months when she finally was able to come home. Its not an easy thing to go through. Its all part of God's plan, how ever it happens to go for me I will take it as it comes one step at a time.

Thank you again for sharing your experience, I really appreciate it. Im glad you had a good experience.

I brought it to Dr Salamons attention at my last visit, that I wanted to try a vbac instead of a c section. She told me she didnt think it was a good idea. When I asked her why she said because she didnt do them. So I talked with her nurse, who was very nice and supportive, she told me that even though one of the doctors in their practice did them, they only did them in Lakeland because lrmc is the only hospital in Polk County that allows them. So I did some calling around and finally found a dr that would do them at lakeland ob. Several people I know have used them and all were happy. So I drove all the way to Winter Haven and filled out a release form so they could send my info to the new dr. Once you have had ob care, if you wish to switch doctors you have to send them your records and they will review them and decide weather or not they want to take you as their patient. So even though you wish to switch, there is no way of knowing if they will take you. I sent my records over and waited to hear from them. In the mean time I had planned on continuing care with the current doctor. I had my appointment scheduled for this past monday. So I get ready and drive over. I go to check in and the lady informs me that im no longer on the schedule. So she calls a lady in the back and she informs me that Dr Salamon has dropped me as her patient because I wanted to see another doctor. She refused to see me because I wanted to see if I would have the opportunity to have a vbac elsehwere. I was so mad, there was no need for her to be ugly. I told her that I would only leave her care if I had the chance to have a vbac, and if not then I would stay with her. You would think that as a woman she would understand my wanting to make the best possible decision for myself and my family...weather or not it meant she was the one getting paid for it. My last appointment was October 29th, and my next one isnt for another 2 weeks....so as long as nothing happens im trying not to worry. If something were to happen, since I am an established patient with her and no one else she is required by law to care for me. So if the need arrises at least I can call someone. In a way I am glad things happened this way, because in my opinion she is not worth seeing. I am very disappointed in her actions, to me it was uncalled for. At the very least she could have had them call and tell me they had cancled my appointments.  

Hi Stacey,

I had an emergency c-section with my first daughter and a vbac with my second daughter.  Dr.Damien at Lakeland OB/GYN delivered both my daughters.  I had an awful experience with the c-section, and never wanted to have another.  Every doctor at Lkld OB/GYN was supportive of my decision to have a vbac, as I saw all of them on rotation. (That was 7 yrs ago, some of the staff has changed) Dr. Damien said that with 2 years between pregnancies and being a healthy woman, she felt a vbac was a good choice.  Surgery is always riskier, is what I was told by the doctors.  I was induced with both deliveries.  I was overdue with my first daughter by 2 weeks and induced 3 days early with my second.  The vbac went very smoothly.  I had an epidural, so labor slowed a bit, and the vac was used to "pop" my daughter out.  (The vac only caused a tiny bump that Dr. Damien actually rubbed right out when she pulled my daughter out)  A vac was used during my first daughter's delivery also, but it did not work and an emergency c-section was eventually done.  I immediately held my daughter on my chest and was able to breast feed her as soon as they cleaned up her.  She had a perfectly round head and looked up at me wide awake.  It was special and so much better than the c-section. 

Pray about it, you will find peace either way.


Thank you Tiffany. We have done a lot of praying and debating and as long as things go well we are going to go the natural route with this one. I do not want to have to go through another major surgery with a two year old and a new baby to take care of.  Im very excited about my visit with lakeland ob next week, its just the first visit to get me set up as a pt and I guess to set up my first appt with one of their doctors. I am hoping everything goes as we want it to this time, we were upset about the c section the first go round but that was the safest option at the time. Its a relief to hear your experience was a good one as well. It makes me feel better knowing that other moms have gone through it with a positive experience...helps me feel better about my decision. I know everyone is different and things could always happen in the midst of labor....but it still somehow makes me feel a little better. God made our bodies for having babies, i hope mine cooperates :) Thank you for sharing your story :)

Hi Stacey,

I was wondering if you found a doctor who was willing to do the vbac? I am currently in the same situation and think that a vbac would be the best choice for me. Thankfully I live 10 minutes from LRMC and just made my first appointment at Lakeland obgyn. I guess after reading all these comments I need to start calling around.

Hi Heather,

I am currently at Lakeland OB/Gyn...Their doctors as well as their midwives will do vbacs deliveries! They are all so wonderful! You will really like it there. They were very understanding and more than willing to do everything the way I wanted as long as the pregnancy continues without problems. If you choose a midwife, they rotate patients, they will assign an md to your case. When you go into labor he or she gets called in as well. The midwife will be with you the entire time...the doctor is there in case of an emergency. He will step in only if he has to. Hospital policy states that there has to be a doctor there the entire time ready to step in if the need arises. Thats why it is so hard to find someone that is willing to do it. Let me know how it goes! Hope the best for you and your family :)

Awesome!!! You pretty much answered all my questions I have been researching all morning long. I chose Dr. Nixon as I found her ratings online the highest and my regular doctor said she knows her and she is pretty good. Now I am excited. I have longed for a natural labor and childbirth. My first one was unplanned and I was young and just did what the doctors told me. Now that I am older I want it my way. My regular doctor was the one who mentioned to me VBAC, I had no idea that was even possible. The only way I will do a c-section again is obviuosly if I have complications or they tell me my baby is 10lbs!

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