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I have a 13 yr old daughter who needs community service hours for NJHS.  However, because of her age, most places don't want to have her volunteer with them.  She is a straight A student and has never had any discipline problems.  Does anyone have any ideas of where she can volunteer that allows 13 year olds?

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I'm not sure how you all feel about picking up trash, but this is one I've done with my kids just to help us feel good about cleaning our earth.  The organization is the Great American Cleanup. I'm not sure what the local dates are for this year but you can look on this list (click in) to get some contact information.  We usually attend the Bartow Clean-up.  It shouldn't be hard to have a team leader or an event organizer to sign for the hours put in.  Is she using Sweat Monkey to log her hours?

I hope others will add some suggestions. :)

Try an elementary school library shelving books. She might have to Fill out the volunteer form for Polk schools. I don't know what the age is, but it might be worth a phone call. Good luck!

it is tough, we have the same problem because of the age, our son is 12 and last year at 11 was even tougher.  I tried going to VISTE, but they only really have volunteer opportunities during the day, the spca is another one that we are going to look into, but glad you brought up the topic as we are in the crunch now to get his hours done and any ideas will help!

okay, scrap the spca idea...you have to be 16  :(

my son always worked his hours at consession stands during football or baseball season.

My son has also worked in concession during football season ( out at Duff in Lakeland there are 2 football seasons a year) He's not old enough to cook or do the register but he'll either get the sodas for customers or hand the food out the window once the cooks pass it over. He's 13 now but has done it the past 2 school years as well.
Dd worked in the music library after school for some hours. That is easy bc it's after school right at the school.

you can try a local sports team, i know if she helps them out, they will give her hours for that!!

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