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What is a good age to start taking your child to the dentist? I have a two year old son that has a month full of teeth. I know we all hate going but it's something we just have to do. So what do you think is the appropriate age?


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it was recommended they have their first dental check up at 1 year old.  I know it sounds crazy; but it was really good for my girls well at least the oldest one; she needed flouride treatments because of bottle tooth decay.  While they are her baby teeth and yes I am guilty of giving both my girls bottles to go to sleep at night (with formula) they were able to easily treat them and grow fond of getting their teeth cleaned (a task that usually young children despise).

We started taking Jesse as soon as his first tooth came in to get him started.  Granted there wasn't much to do, but his teeth came in fast and with his medical issues and medicine it will affect his teeth. 

My uncle is a Periodontist in Winter Haven. My son was two in August, both his doctor and my uncle suggested that he start coming for check ups at two every 6 months just like we do. My son had his first teeth at 4 months old. When I would go in to have my teeth cleaned they would sit him in the chair with me and give him a mirror and look at his teeth too. All they really do at that age is give them a light cleaning and make sure their mouth is healthy. Its a good idea to start them early that way they are less likely to have issues and they are less afraid as they get older. My little one does just fine, he sits and watches me get mine done and then I hold him while they do his. Hope this was helpful :)

My son was maybe 2 for his first dentist visit. He was a bit of a late bloomer. First tooth at 9 mos...didn't lose first baby tooth until 2nd grade!!

My daughter was preemie and I was expecting her to be a late bloomer as well....nope. First tooth at about 6 months...started losing baby teeth in kindergarten.  

My daughter had extra skin above where her front teeth would be (a large, low frenum). Apparently, this is one of the things that can be underdeveloped with preemies...but full term babies have it too. It can cause a large gap between front teeth. Sometimes they have to cut it in childhood to prevent tooth alignment or bite gap problems. My daughter's pediatrician recommended we see the pediatric dentist when she was an infant to discuss the procedure...they decided not to cut it and just wait and see. We switched dentists, and no other dentist has brought it up, so I think we're in the clear. 

I would just ask your pediatrician or call a dentist yourself to find out when you should go...but I think they recommend a first visit by 2 years of age. Of course, if you notice anything unusual, don't bother to wait...just go.

Hi, this is Dr. Ghaly. I am a family physician, but I have 5 relatives who are dentists, including my brother. The consensus seems to be around 2-3 years of age.for routine care, with check-ups about every 6 months.

I was in Alabama this past week and one of my nephew girl friend just finished dentist school and we were talking about when should a child start going to the dentist and she said 1

WOW! Thanks everyone for the advice. I added him to my dental insurance yesterday so once I get my new card I will look for a pediatric dentist. Thanks again for all the help. 

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