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I feel proud of myself.   Today, for the first time ever, I bought something from the Groupon site.   What I snagged was a discount at Habibi, a Lebanese restaurant, in Lakeland.   I love food from this region of the world, I might would eat anything kabob style.  Yum.

So this left me curious how often you all use Groupon.  I signed up for email deal alerts.  Sometimes I open them, sometimes I don't.   Have you found a tempting deal?   What's the most you've ever spent there?   I've seen some vacation packages that have tempted me.  I wonder how smoothly those deals go?  If you have experience with purchases, large or small, I would love to hear from you.

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I bought a few things with no problems at all. First item was a dog crate. other two items were concert tickets for 20.00 each. One was for Rascal Flatts last weekend at the amphitheatre. The seats were well worth 20.00 and NOT on the lawn. Next weekend is the other concert for Brad Paisley at the same place. can't wait. I get a groupon everyday in email. I look at them all.

We've bought so much from GroupOn (and LivingSocial, CrowdSavings, Eversave) that we should have bought their stock!  Remember that the companies who offer these deals are either startups wanting to advertise, or established businesses lacking customers.  In the former case, you can have a really good experience.  Most of our deals have been for restaurants, but note that the dollar amount you're buying is often too high for one person (so you have to buy something you didn't really want to) or not enough for two (so you end up paying extra).  If you're careful, you can score a truly great deal, and the sponsors (e.g., GroupOn) will refund your money if the merchant doesn't live up to his end of the deal.  That's happened to us just once with a jet ski rental in Tampa.

The sponsors mentioned above cater to larger metro areas such as Tampa and Orlando.  However, for local deals, BigHarryDeals can't be beat.  We've thoroughly enjoyed every "hairy" deal, and BigHarry donates part of each deal to a local charity of your choice.  It's a win-win all the way around.

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