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It's easy to reminisce about the year we are leaving, but this year I thought I would look ahead.  

I found some links for what is expected to come for our brand new year.   I hope you will add events you're planning.   Do you or a family member have a mile-mark anniversary or birthday coming in 2014?  A new baby delivery?   Getting married? Trying to conceive? 

I wish us all the best for 2014, may it be our best year yet.   Happy New Year! 

I like this link to plan ahead.  I think sky watching with the kids is a lot of fun and often these stories don't make the front page in the moment.   This list helps the plan-ahead types.

Mega-moon, meteor showers: 11 must-watch events to light up 2014 sky 

Could this media outlet be right?

HuffPost Media Predicts What Will Happen In 2014

Get a glimpse of dates for the coming year (Black Friday will be even closer to Christmas in 2014)

Holidays and dates of 2014

Will you be watching the upcoming Olympic games?

The Olympics will be in Sochi Russia

Any soccer fans?   The Fifa World cup will be in Brazil this year

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The lead in on CNN is titled, Old Light Bulbs Illegal in 2014, but what it goes on to tell is that it will be illegal to manufacture these now outdated light bulbs.  As we chatted about in this thread, Stocking up on light ahead of bulb phase-out some are stocking up.  I thought this was another interesting add of things happening in 2014. 

I just found this list of movies to look forward to with release dates in 2014.  What looks good to you? 

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