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I need the help of all the Moms that have done this before :) Where can I find everything my daughter needs for the best prices, thanks!

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Target! :)  The dance studios also usually sell or can order supplies.  

When my daughters were younger I could find their ballet shoes at Payless.

Try Li'l Giggles in Lakeland. Great selection of Capezio and Dance Class shoes.

I found a few nice leotards (Danskin) at thrift stores and consignment shops. Target has some nice stuff, but it rarely goes on sale. Payless has the ballet shoes.

Check out Tougie Baby in downtown Lakeland.

I second Little Giggles! She has great items and AMAZING prices. When I went a few weeks ago they had a sale and then 50% all dancewear on top of the sale.

The Just Between Friends children's consignment sale is coming to the Lakeland Center in April and will have TONS of dancewear for really good prices! www.lakeland.jbfsale.com

It took me awhile to come back to this topic because I had to get the chance to ask the mom to remind me again what website she used.

I noticed a little girl's outfits that stood out in my daughter's ballet class in style and colors.  The mom said she was getting these leotards online for just a few dollars a piece on clearance.   They were so cute! 

She used the website, Danskin.  

It doesn't look like there are many clearance options at their site currently.  I'm guessing this is because dance season is in full swing.   I bet, over the summer and into early fall, the children's dance clothes will be once again available on clearance for good deals.   It could be worth planning ahead for.   :)

I saw that Target was mentioned.   I'll admit that is where a lot of our dance gear came from.   A few things about that option that bothered me. 

One, was the price.  I thought Target really wasn't giving that great of a deal.   For me (now, I'm a seriously frugal girl) $20 or more for a small leotard it too much to spend.  The other things I didn't like about the Target selection was the limited color choices I've seen and that it seems 90% of my daughter's ballet class wears the same outfit.  The children look outfitted to star in a Target commercial.  :)

I completely get this.  It's a convenience thing I'm guilty of.  I mean, who doesn't love shopping at Target?  And while we're here let's mosey over to the dance clothes.......

Thanks everybody :) We actually ended up at Target and found some on sale, but alas bought something we now can't really use :( Arg, I love Bartow I really do but sometimes they do not think things through. I had signed her up through the program the city was starting up, it was a great price and she was so excited, but then they called me the day she was supposed to start class and told me they didn't have enough people sign up for the class and canceled it. Now I know that the number of people that sign up is beyond their control but they could have told me last week when I signed her up that this was a possibility, they were already in the late period for sign ups and didn't even mention this. I had a very upset little girl who had been thanking me for "bal-la-lay" classes all morning, shoot all week. It makes me very hesitant to use any of the other kid's programs arranged through the city. Ahhh stepping down from my soapbox, but I did find a place next to Rita's Ice that is decently priced so all is well, the tears just could have been avoided and I can't use the black leotard I bought so if any of you ladies see some light blue ones let me know :)

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