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Which is More Important to You When Cooking Turkey, Presentation or Taste?

In some households a beautiful uncarved turkey makes its way to a table for the honors.  Once you dig in, it may not be as moist as turkeys cooked in such a way that their staging is left up to preslices 

I've done it both ways, present a gorgeously roasted turkey, and the other side, a completely moist, melt in your mouth meat that wouldn't be pretty to look at still on the turkey frame.

The reason the appearance isn't up to par is because I like to cook a turkey upside down (breast down) in broths, seasonings, oils and butter in a covered/lidded turkey pan.  The meat is fall apart moist, but so is the skin. 

I've had countless comments on how tasty my turkey has been the past few years but this year I'm torn. Should I make it moist and ugly or drier and magazine cover pretty?

How do you cook and serve your turkey?  Do you bring it to the table already sliced (which means presentation wouldn't be key) or do you make carving a pretty turkey part of your Thanksgiving tradition?

What do you think is more important, a pretty turkey or a moist turkey?

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I would say taste is more important.  growing up, my mom always had it sliced and on a platter before it reached the table, so I guess that is what I am used to...

I say keep cooking it upside down. If people think it is ugly, tell them to close their eyes.

Taste, taste, taste. One year I cooked it too long in a oven bag and it was falling apart but it sure was good and moist! At my big family gathering we always slice it all up and serve everything buffet style anyway so who cares as long as you aren't choking it down.

TASTE!!!!  I cook mine the way my grandmother and mother have cooked turkeys every year.   Slather with mayo, herbs, stick of butter in cavity and place in a brown paper bag.  Place in roaster...cook on low for many hours *depends on how many lbs* By far the moistest, juiciest turkey I have ever had ;) 

Taste, hands down.

That said, I've actually never cooked a turkey. It's always ended up being my mother or sister-in-law who's done it. I have nothing against cooking the bird, per se -- they just prefer me to be on dessert duty I guess, LOL

Hmm. Going to have to rectifiy that. I think I'll cook a turkey by myself sometime and just gnaw off it for a few days :)

I prefer taste over looks.  As long as it tastes great who cares how it looks.  LOL

Janice...That is TOOOOO FUNNY!!!

Thanks everyone for their feedback.  :)  I do believe my bird will be upside-down once again this year.   :)

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