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"Farm to Table” Goes Luxe in Orlando

Above is a world wide web view of a local attraction close to us.   Not only is this available to those traveling around in Mickey territory, but it could be something us locals could check out.  Start that voyage with the link's sayings. 

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Ooooh! Thank you for posting this. We love Grande Lakes! They have a great lazy river style pool between the Ritz and the Marriott. They occasionally have special rates on the Marriott side, and if you get Marriott points (from a credit card or travel rewards) you can use them at the Ritz now too. They used to have a deal with Marriott Vacation Club where you could get a free night stay too. To be honest, this Marriott is just as nice as the Ritz on the inside. We've been to both.

Now we have an additional reason to check out Grande Lakes! Not so sure my husband cares much about "Farm to Table" but I would LOVE to go here! That may be my birthday gift this year!

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