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I say Baby Veronica, but this little girl is quickly growing up and in the eyes of the press.

Have you been following this story?

It goes a little like this:

A woman becomes pregnant and allows the father to sign away his parental rights.   She then decides to put the baby up for adoption.  The Father is a member of the Cherokee tribe.

An adopted couple then take Veronica home after birth, love and care for her, their only child, for a little over two years. 

A family court judge ruled in the biological father's favor in late 2011, based under the Indian Child Welfare Act.  He was a stranger to her, yet took his daughter back.

A Supreme Court decision ordered baby Veronica back to her adopted parents.   When they went to retrieve the little girl at a predetermined transfer point, the biological father and the girl did not show. 

The birth father has since been arrested for not returning Veronica to her adopted parents.

And does this story have legs!  Now this:

"Baby Veronica" custody case: Okla. Supreme Court grants stay to ke...

I feel so bad for this little girl. 

How do you think this story should end?   Have you been watching this unfold, too?   

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Cherokee Girl Transferred to Adoptive Parents

After so many months of following this story, I'm shocked this transfer has finally happened after so many legal circles.

Are you happy to see this outcome?

I'm glad they said the biological father can be an important part of her life. I hope all adults involved make an effort for this child's sake. She's been bounced around a bit & so young it must have been so confusing to lose her mommy & daddy, live with another daddy for so long and now go back where she started. I feel for the child in this, and sympathize with all 3 of the adults involved. I just hope they all do what's best for the child.

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