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It's true, Barbie Sales Sag for 4th Straight Quarter and as a mommy consumer, I have a couple of guesses to why.

The changing Barbie heads idea.   That's a creepy flop in my opinion.

The clothing is getting cheaper.  I'm not going to buy a glitter bust clad Barbie doll.  The glitter does fall/wear off and then we're without a shirt for this plastic lady.

Scary dolls seem to be in.  Although I've held out from buying Monster High dolls, their popularity has not gone unnoticed at my house.   My daughter has asked for one.  The answer is still, "No".

Do you have any thoughts on why Barbie seems to be in decline in sales?

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My daughter is 6 and she has a handful of Barbie dolls but she also has Monster High, Bratz, Novi Stars, and a few off brand.  Yes back in the day all they had was Barbie but now you have tons of different dolls to choose from.  I think it is because it is no longer just a Barbie world.  More to choose from means companies aren't going to profit as much.  My daughter is also an all gender toy player.  Meaning she does not care if it is a boy or girl toy if she likes it she will play with it.  Just over the weekend she got out her matchbox like cars and was playing with them.  She went through a dinosaur faze a few yrs back.  I do not steer her towards any type of toy just because she is a girl. 

Regarding being raised to be like men, I feel she has a choice over what she plays with just as much as me.  Being soft and feminine is good but being strong and able to take care of herself is also a priority.  Soft and feminine isn't going to work when you are stuck with a flat tire by yourself and noone but you to change it. My daughter loves to dress up in pretty things but also likes to get dirty, I don't feel that makes her any less of a girl.

I think part of the reason sales are down is competition and cost.  My daughter has a bunch Barbies but I rarely buy her the official Barbie clothes--I can find generic doll clothes at the dollar store. She also has an Imaginarium doll house instead of the "Barbie House" which cost less and is made of wood instead of the plastic that Mattel uses.

I guess this is a topic other outlets are picking up.  I found this link below on the same subject. 

Barbie Battling For Her Life Against Monster High Dolls

Lakeland Mom, I'm glad you brought up the girlie vs tomboy angle.   I really wanted to raise my daughter to not be too girlie, but feeling out her own personality, I gave up.   She's the type that- if it's not pink, it's upturned nose.   Considering I enjoyed being a tomboy (I only had a few Barbies my whole life and rarely played with them) this is my chance to experience what being a girlie girl truly is like. 

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