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Was wondering if anyone has ventured into the store out on Tomkow Rd?  If so is it worth it to venture out there?  I know I only live within 15 minutes from it, but I always head the other way towards other stores. Tried asking in one of the local Yahoo groups but got no responses, so I figured I would try here.  I do most of my shopping between the DollarTree, Winn Dixie, Dollar General Market, Publix (BOGO sales with coupons), Sam's Club and Wal Mart.  Thinking of going to Sam's tomorrow.  I want to do some batch cooking and thinking of that huge roll of chop meat they sell.  Just can't remember the average price of the rolls.  Never hurts to go look plus our son loves the free samples they give out on weekends.  Well time to get some rest.  As usual school starts Monday and our son is sick now.  Never fails...lol 

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I haven't been there but check out Children's Care Outreach ! It's in Auberndale / Winter Haven area. 32 Spirit Lake Rd ( Behind the 7-II in the warehouse area) They have food, water, gatorade, health and beauty stuff! They even have furniture sales on Saturday! Great place to stock up on hurricane supplies too! There was an article in the News Chief a few weeks ago, here's the link:
http://www.newschief.com/article/20100802/NEWS/8025031/1021?Title=O... Store hours are in the article too!
Oh and they have a killer candy sale just before Halloween!
Thank you for this heads up. It's a bit away, but will have to make a day of checking this and the one out on Tomkow Rd.

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