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Women's mercury levels drop, suggesting safer fish choices

No matter the 'why?' this is good news.  It does not seem clear what prompted these changes in women, it could be the campaign for physicians and obstetricians to voice to each patient, government literature, cost of sea food and fish making it less available, etc.

Honestly, for me making smarter fish choices came from mentions from my OB and reading pregnancy books, which really changed my view of eating fish.  I always assumed that eating fish was one of the best choices I could make.  

Although the article suggests fish consumption did not decrease during the studied time, I personally did consume less fish while pregnant with all of my children.   I took the medium approach, some fish and seafood for the good stuff that comes with it, but not too much, just in case.  

And I LOVE sea food.

Have you ever been warned your mercury levels were too high?   Do you have a hard time portioning your fish consumption while expecting? 

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