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So I have decided that I wanted to join Curves. I wanna lose a little bit of weight before Christmas in a comfortable atmosphere. Where I can totally focus on me and my exercise. So, I have been SO excited, and went down to join the closet one to me in Christina Plaza. To my surprise, they were closed. So I was kinda bummed. Well, I decided to just re route my work travel... So I could hit the one at Oakbridge by Publix. Guess What!!! Closed!!!' By the point, I am totally discouraged, until I remember the one off 540A, by 7/11.... And you guessed it right... Not there anymore!!! So,now, I am completely discouraged. I wanted to stop on my way to work(downtown) from Shepherd Rd. I wanna be able to exercise where I feel comfortable and not judged... or have to keep up with the perfect. I do not know why all the Curves are gone... I didn't even realize.
Anyone have any input?

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I know the one I belonged to on Griffin Rd and on Socrum Loop Rd closed a few years back.  They are a franchise owned business.  I know the two ladies that were partnered up with the ones here decided to go their separate ways.  I to loved going.  The one on Socrum Loop Rd closed first so I was going to head back to the other one but since it was a few years since I last went, I would have had to rejoin.  In those years I missed they raised their rates (just about doubled). There are a few that are ladies only, but they are rare.  Not sure what is on the side of town you are on.  It is a shame though.  I am like you and would like to go somewhere and not be judged and to feel comfortable.  For now I just plug in my ear buds and listen to music as I walk round our park here.  It's almost a mile around so I go several times around for 3-4 days a week.

Oh our doctor suggested this calorie counter site that really works and you don't really need to exercise.  He said a patient of his used it and lost weight with just reducing her calorie intake.  She was in her 50's, wheel chair to get around, on oxygen and needed a double lung transplant.  Of course she could not exercise, but using this she lost 40 pounds and was able to get her surgery.  She stayed with it and is no longer on oxygen or in a wheel chair.  She's added light exercise and housework to her day.  Even our doctor says he uses it because he does eat junk food and doesn't exercise like he should.  Funny thing for a doctor to tell you...lol  I'll attach the link and you can read it.  Free to join.  I almost forgot about it till just now.  I need to get on it since I am going to my 25 yr High School reunion in June.


There is a tanning salon, in the plaza where the Dollar Market and Fantastic Sam's are, Shepherd Rd and Hwy. 37, she has a set up much like curves, just let her know Joshua's Mom told you about her.

Thank you. I know Roberta well... My only problem is she is not open on my way to work :(

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