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Just wondering what your thoughts are on this doll. 


Controversial Doll Lets Little Girls Pretend to Breast-Feed Read mo...


Would you consider buying it for your daughter? While I admit that seeing my daughter "breastfeeding" her doll may be a little unsettling at first, I have to agree with what Rose Haluschak said in the article about all the dolls coming with bottles. Should they also not learn at an early age that breastfeeding is the natural way to feed your baby? Would it come more natural to more women if while they were learning to change diapers through play they also became comfortable with breastfeeding?


I'm not saying I would or wouldn't buy the doll. My daughter hasn't asked for one and as far as I know, doesn't even know they exist. 



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Ummm. My first instinct says No. I am not saying anything about breastfeeding or being against it, because I did with my son. I am just saying that sometimes things are too mature for our children. The fact that this also comes with a halter top for the child... just bothers me. I just think it is way too mature for our little girls to be doing this or playing this right now. It is my own opinion....

okay, I am all for breastfeeding & was heartbroken beyond words when I wasn't able to, HOWEVER, the dolls I had growing up only came with bottles & that did not affect me, nor my decision to breastfeed.  I think this is way, way too mature for little girls.  I would never buy this toy for my daughter. 

Plus, I take offense at the statement that "bottle feeding is the artifical way" to feed a baby, sometimes it is the only option & my daughter is healthy & happy.


IMO - this is going a little too far.....

It's a little weird for me.  Neither of my kids ever received any formula - and rarely did they ever even have breastmilk from a bottle so I am firmly in the pro-breastfeeding camp.


Baby girls don't have breasts - so while I may have found it cute when my daughter picked up a doll and attempted to feed it alongside me breastfeeding her baby brother - that kind of imitation happens organically and I see nothing wrong with it.  Manufacturing a set up to create that situation just feels odd, yet I cannot put my finger on the reason why...


The only thing in my opinion that will educate our youngsters, and many adults as to how natural, beneficial, normal and acceptable breastfeeding is/should be, is if more women do it, are supported in doing and feel comfortable doing it in public.

We do not need dolls to educate our children, both boys and girls, about the different ways babies eat.  That is what is wrong anymore, parents are wanting someone else to teach the basics in life. 

I would not buy this doll for my daughter because I really don't want a 4 yr old running around with it attached to her breast.  She does know babies drink from the mommy's breast and from a bottle.  I don't think it will help them later in life choose to breastfeed over the bottle.  That is a personal choice that every individual will decide regardless of the toys they played with. 

My daughter has also taken one of her dolls and put it to her breast one day and said look the baby is eating.  I just said yes it is and left it at that, she has not done it since. 

Children are growing up too quick anymore and I feel that is why more younger teenagers are having babies. 

I (we) would not be buying this doll.

Charlotte and I were just talking about breastfeeding the other day... :)


"traumatized"? Really??? I don't know that I would buy this doll (I think it's the halter-top/nursing bra that is a little over the top), but I think some of the responses people had to it in the article are the reason why someone thought something like this was necessary. If people really think that a child pretending to feed a doll in a natural way is likely to be traumatizing and equate it to teaching about erectile dysfunction, there's something really wrong with that.

too cute!!

Jennifer Sabin said:

Charlotte and I were just talking about breastfeeding the other day... :)


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