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Would You Have Bought This Bowl? $3 Garage Sale Find Makes Family $2 Million Richer

Looking at the bowl pictured with this story, $3 Garage Sale Bowl Makes Family $2 Million Richer it's very unassuming and rather plain.  It's nice, but I would have likely walked right passed it at a yard sale.   Would you have grabbed it do you think?  

One lucky garage sale browser took the time to not only pick it up, but purchase it for $3.

They then displayed it in their home for a few years, to finally think, maybe we should have this small (it's 5 inches in diameter) bowl checked out.  

Long story short; it's Asian, it's ancient, it's rare, and it sold for $2.225 million at auction earlier this year.

Can you imagine?   Makes you want to hit some garage and rummage sales, right?

Picture from the Fiscal Times

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That would not be my luck. From the picture I may have passed it up, but you never know.

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