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I ran into a link, 1 Dream Family Room, 20 Real Ideas and it got me thinking about families and the importance of family rooms to them.

There seems to be a majority of people that either have a family room or they want a family room.   There are probably much less that hope not to have an additional family room. 

I've lived in houses with family rooms.  I've lived in homes without family rooms.  I do realize some people have both a living room and a family room, one may be more formal and rarely used than the other.  

In my own personal experience, if a home holds two separate living areas, it can separate the family.  The parents are in one living area and the children run to the other. 

In my new house, I wanted a smaller, cozier, quaint home and this time, there is no family room and I really think it will serve us well. 

So, what are your experiences?   Do you wish for a family room in your home?   Do you have a family room frequently used by the whole family?   Do you have a family room or living room rarely used? 

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I don't see the need for a formal living room and a family room. We wouldn't use the living room. We have a combo living room/family room that we rarely use. It has the nice furniture, and the big TV. The TV works, but it needs some repairs.

The kids have a play room which also has a TV and beat up old couches. They don't use it often either. We just hang out in the kitchen after school, and then everyone goes their separate ways after dinner.

We will sometimes watch TV or movies together, mostly on the weekend, but usually in our bed! 

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