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Laura Davis
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  • Lakeland, FL
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Potty training twins

We have twins, one girl and one boy, and are attempting potty training. It's been a tough go because the girl seems to wait until her brother does something before trying it. He could care less about…Continue

Started on Monday

Medical ID bracelet very important

Our eight-year-old daughter has several allergies that are severe and we list them with the school and teachers but she also participates in a couple of sports as well as dance classes. It's hard to…Continue

Started Feb 13

Valentine's Day and birthdays on same day

We have two kids, a boy age 11 and a girl age 14 that both have birthdays on February 14th. It gets pretty expensive to try to have two birthday parties and buy gifts for Valentine's Day as well. I'd…Continue

Started Feb 6

Boys can play with dolls

When my four-year-old plays with her dolls, her six-year-old brother wants to play with them too. I don't have a problem with this but there are some relatives that say that I should not let him for…Continue

Started Jan 24

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Laura Davis posted a discussion

Potty training twins

We have twins, one girl and one boy, and are attempting potty training. It's been a tough go because the girl seems to wait until her brother does something before trying it. He could care less about it. Any ideas how to get him interested? They will be three in August and have to be trained before they can go to preschool.When our twins were around three, it was our son who wanted to do things his sister did. And, she was not interested in potty training. The end result was that we had to let…See More
Laura Davis posted a discussion

Know it all teens

My 14-year-old twins, one girl and one boy, think they know everything. It's impossible to try to talk to them about almost anything without them rolling their eyes and saying that they already know about whatever it is I'm trying to explain. It's one thing for them to do this to me but they are now doing it to their grandparents and I don't like it one bit. How do parents get through to their teens and put an end to this mess once and for all?If you will think back, you will probably remember…See More
Jan 16
Laura Davis posted a discussion

Teach kids to do their own laundry

We have four kids and it's a battle everyday for them to pick up dirty clothes off of their bedroom floor. They are old enough to do this one thing but for some reason, we can't get through to them.We had the same problem with two of our kids, even after we made it perfectly clear that if their clothes were not in the laundry basket, they were not going to be washed. The third, a boy, did not care if his clothes were dirty and wrinkled. Finally, I bought each one of them their own personal…See More
Jan 3
Laura Davis posted a discussion

Show and tell older kids

We have five girls and one son. Our son is the baby of the family and is now one. However, our daughters do everything for him. We are afraid that he will not learn anything on his own as well as become really spoiled. How can we get these little girls to understand that while their love is appreciated, they have to let their little brother do some things by himself without making them upset?My husband and I talked about this question, since we also have five daughters and one son. We allowed…See More
Dec 27, 2016
Laura Davis posted a discussion

Gift suggestions for military sister and family

My sister is coming home from the service for the holidays this year for the first time in several years. Our grandmother has been raising her three kids. We're all meeting at our grandmother's house, including nieces and nephews I haven't seen in years. We'd all like to make this time special. Could you please recommend neat gifts for kids and adults for ages 1 to 65?Here are some neat gifts I got for kids in my large family that your family will love. The Scribble and Play eWriter lets kids…See More
Dec 12, 2016
Laura Davis posted a discussion

Sounds may be good for crying baby

Our two-month-old baby is anything but a happy girl. Her high, shrill wails and bouts of crying we endure for several hours every single night and it is very stressful for everyone in the house. Isn't there something that will help her go to sleep and quiet down naturally without placing her in any kind of harm's way physically or emotionally? I used a baby sling that placed our infant son right around my stomach. Then, I cleaned house, washed dishes, did the laundry or whatever chores I had…See More
Dec 5, 2016
Laura Davis posted a discussion

Pre-school selection can be daunting

Our son will turn four in December and we need help in selecting the right preschool for him. We just moved to the area and need a guideline of what to look for in a good preschool.Get to know your new neighbors and see which preschool they currently use or have used in the past. Don't be afraid to ask questions, especially if you have certain requirements for your son. - Rose S. in Clayton, MOFROM JODIE:Selecting a preschool can be a daunting mission for anyone, even more so if you are new to…See More
Nov 21, 2016
Laura Davis posted a discussion

Limitations on digital media for toddlers

My 20-month-old son goes to a mom's day out program twice a week. Many of the moms volunteer a couple of times a month in the classroom. I've noticed that during free time some of the kids have iPads and seem to really enjoy various types of educational games and material on them. My son loves to play and touch the screen on my phone and computer. Could you recommend apps that are fun but also teach our kids?I have five kids all under the age of eight with the youngest one being one and a half…See More
Nov 14, 2016
Laura Davis posted a discussion

Texting or sending thank you note

Our daughter recently had her 10th birthday and a wonderful party with some really cool gifts. She wants to say thank you in person or send a text, but I want her to actually hand write thank you cards as she has done for the past few years. Her dad thinks her idea is perfectly fine but I disagree. What is the right thing to do in today's society?Our 12-year-old daughter just had a great birthday party too. She invited around 20 of her friends and got some pretty cool gifts. She is very much…See More
Nov 7, 2016
Laura Davis posted a discussion

Parent/teacher conferences for older kids

I know you have offered tips on parent-teacher conferences before but now my kids are in high school. They do not share much with me about exactly what goes on. How can I ask each one of their teachers about what takes place in each class and other things I would like to know about in such a short time? Also, can I ask them to keep our conversation between us and not bring it up to the kids?My husband and I find that it simply takes both of us to see each one of the high school teachers for our…See More
Oct 24, 2016
Laura Davis posted a discussion

Mom time is important

I am the mom of four kids under the age of nine. I feel stressed out at the end of each day and by the evening I feel like pulling my hair out! I think if I could exercise or do something for myself, I would be able to cope better but at this time it seems null and void. Are there some small but significant things that I could do for myself without feeling guilty like I am taking time away from my family?I have three kids with very busy schedules. Needless to say, I completely understand what…See More
Oct 17, 2016
Laura Davis posted a discussion

Helping 4-year-old develop listening skills

Our daughter goes to a preschool with other four-year-olds and a few of them will turn five before Christmas. The teacher has already sent home a couple of emails telling us that our daughter does not listen very well. What are some things we can do?As a former preschool teacher, I would recommend that you ask the teacher what that means. Does your daughter not follow directions during activities? Does she interrupt at group activities? Does she interrupt at group times? Does she not respond to…See More
Oct 3, 2016
Laura Davis posted a discussion

Helping dad to calm down after work

My husband hates his job and is so emotionally and physically exhausted when he gets home that he ends up snapping at everyone for every little thing. The kids see this behavior and become scared and distant. Is there a way to help him calm down and not keep everyone upset?Like many of us, your husband probably thinks he is stuck in this specific job for various reasons. If possible, talk to him about looking for a different company. My mom hated her job but in a weird way she thought she had…See More
Sep 12, 2016
Janice replied to Laura Davis's discussion Talking to kids about death of pet
Sep 1, 2016
Laura Davis posted a discussion

Talking to kids about death of pet

At what age should parents talk to their kids about the death of a pet or person? Our 10-year-old dog is not doing well and the vet says it may be time to put him down since he is in constant pain. My kids, ages four and six, are really close to our family pet. I am just not sure what I should tell them and when.Our cat died of natural causes but still everyone took it hard as she was just like a member of our family. My kids were a little older than yours are and they understood more or less…See More
Aug 29, 2016
Laura Davis posted a discussion

Getting child to give up blankie

Our daughter insists on taking her favorite blankie with her everywhere. It's a huge hassle to even get it away from her to wash it. What is the best way to wean her from it?Each day, cut the blankie in half. In a week or so, the child will be carrying around a four inch square of the blankie and will no longer care about it. When I taught kindergarten, a girl in my class had the same issue only with an old cloth diaper. As I requested, her mom cut it in half each day. The girl dropped the…See More
Aug 22, 2016

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