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September Exhibitions & Events at Polk Museum of Art


Unforseen Light: A study in reflection

Sept. 3 – Dec. 4, 2016

A showcase of photographer David Woods’s experimentation with High-dynamic-range photography. HDR is a digital technique that captures a more dynamic range of luminosity than other photographic processes.

Lessons from the Shadows…


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This is a Dance Center- It’s Different

What’s the difference between a dance center and a traditional dance studio? Lakeland is learning the difference since Ultimate Dance Center opened this year.

The center mirrors dance/fitness centers that have become popular in New York City and Los Angeles.



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Super Summer Success

We are inviting all elementary-level students, grades K-5, to join us this summer for our Super Summer Success program. June and July are the perfect opportunities for students to brush up on skills and develop new ones before the next school year begins. Super Summer Success offers students a fun…


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Camp READY! Prepares Kindergartners for Achievement

Do you have a little one who will be entering kindergarten in August 2015? Have you heard of Camp READY!, the exciting tuition-free, school-readiness program for rising and repeating kindergarten students? Your young learner will be equipped with the skills necessary for kindergarten after participating in this summer’s Camp READY! program.…


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Baby Sign Classes Now Available in Lakeland Florida

Baby Sign ClassBABY%20SIGN%20LANGUAGE%20FLYER%20rev%2005-13-15.pdf

Give your baby the ability to express their wants and needs.  American Sign Language is the vehicle to do that for your child.  Linguists as far back as 1867 have…


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Our Scary Hemangioma Story Has a Happy Ending

First appearance

****This is something I pulled out of memory storage that was saved from our previous PolkMoms website.  I hope some of you can find it useful.   To this day Dr. Habal's procedure is one of the best…


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October 11, 2014: Lakeland Fire Department Open House

A great fun and free event for the entire family.

 Lakeland Fire Department's 2014 Open House event will be in full swing. Come out and join us for tours, live demonstrations, refreshments, interactive learning experiences, and much more! All in the spirit of fun fire safety learning, to recognize Fire Prevention Week. Remember "Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives! Check Yours Every Month!"…


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7 Apps that Will Ensure the Safety of Your Home and Kids

There's no better time to start protecting the lives of yourself and those around you - especially your children. Too late is, unfortunately, too late. Luckily, now that it's 2014, large amounts of extremely helpful safety apps have been developed that can protect you, your family, and your peace of mind. Below are a few of the most important home security and personal safety apps that are a must-have for everybody.…


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Double Standards

Former Haines City School Secretary, Convicted of Sex With Minor, Granted Early Release

So jail was too hard so she was let out. If she was a male this subject would be a laughing matter.What makes a female sex offender less important than a male offender? Is it less a crime for a female to exploit a minor than a male? A crime is a crime and jail is jail. You do the crime you pay the time…


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From Huggies Cases to Haute Wipeboxes

Here’s what you get when you combine two moms (also pediatricians’ wives), two sales and marketing careers, five kids, and a desire to earn an income while having more time with their children= Über Mom.

Lakeland resident Amy Bonini and Winter Haven resident Lisa Anne Kleine co-founded…


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Our Little Friends who've had a Really Hard Day!

Sleepy Animals

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There is "Danger Will Robinson!" in "eating pills" for the relief of pain

A new study has been released by Derby University that focuses on the psychological cues of Painkiller addiction and dependency. This research study is one of the first considering the psychological influence on the ever increasing human dependency problem.

According to this study over 1,000,000 people in the United Kingdom alone are addicted to over-the-counter and/or prescription painkillers. This number is significantly higher than the amount of individuals addicted to illegal… Continue

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Holiday Volunteer Help Needed At ElderPoint Ministries

LAKELAND, FLORIDA- The holiday season ushers in a wealth of charitable opportunities. ElderPoint Ministries, an organization that provides food, transportation and housing services to disadvantaged seniors in the greater Lakeland area, offers plenty. 

ElderPoint seeks volunteers for the following dates:

Monday, Nov. 18

  • Help needed in the food pantry, located in St. David’s Episcopal Church, 145 E. Edgewood Drive from 10 a.m.…

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Does anyone know if or when Florida will be doing the Tax Free Week this year?  

Does anyone know if or when Florida will be doing the Tax Free Week this year?  


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Paint Along Studios Kid’s Kamp Calendar

Paint Along Studios Kid’s Kamp continues through Aug. 9. The program includes half day, full day, weekly and nine-week options.

Following is a list of activities scheduled the week of July 1:


Monday and Wednesday at 9 a.m.:


No-Blender Pulp Painting: This project is a simple,…


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Erin O’Malley is The Loft Art Gallery’s August Featured Artist


LAKELAND, FL -- This August, The Loft Art Gallery will be home to the digital macro photography of Erin O’Malley.


O’Malley’s artwork, which depicts the interaction of light with transparent and reflective surfaces, makes its debut during downtown Lakeland’s…


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Soft Drinks Are Bad For Your Teeth

Did you know that brushing, flossing and seeing the dentist regularly are not the only important factors for good oral health? Diet actually plays a major role in maintaining healthy and beautiful teeth. On average Americans consume about 45 gallons of soft drinks every year! Yet many people are still unaware of the health effects carbonated sodas have on their teeth.…


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Paint Along Studios Offers Kids A Summer of Creativity

Paint Along Studios kicked off Kid’s Kamp June 10 and lasts through Aug. 9. The program includes half day, full day, weekly and nine-week options.

Following is a list of activities scheduled the week of June 17:

Monday and Wednesday at 9 a.m.:…


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When should Dental Care Start?

Did you know that your baby’s teeth begin forming in the second trimester of pregnancy? This means that it is important for you as a parent to practice proper dental care as soon as your baby’s first tooth appears.



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