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January 2012 Blog Posts (3)

Cervical Cancer Recurrence

Cervical cancer recurrence is a serious concern and should be addressed thoroughly and under detailed medical observation. People suffering from recurrence of cervical cancer may suffer from various other serious health abnormalities simultaneously in most of the cases, poor after-treatment care and irregular medical examinations of body form the main cause for recurrence of the disorder.

Cervical Cancer Recurrence – Meaning and Causes

Cervical cancer…


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Papers: My Organizational Death

With the new year and gift giving holidays behind us, many (me!, me!, me!) will see purging and organizing as an upcoming priority, so much in fact, it's makes its way onto many a New Year's Resolutions list.

So, no surprise, links are popularly popping up on many websites offering tidbits and hints on how we can stop clutter in its tracks.

And when I ran across the link,…


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Breast Cancer Causes

Breast cancer causes are significant to understand as they are the main gateways for development of malignant infection in breast areas. Some causes may be direct while some others may be indirect in assisting the cancerous cells to develop freely and may cause formation and spread of tumors in long run.

Meaning of Breast Cancer Causes

Breast cancer is a form of malignant infection in breasts and may spread to other cells and tissues present in the adjacent…


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