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Bye, Bye Helium: What's a Party Planning Mom to Do?


Almost 4 years ago I did some major research on helium for the article I wrote, Helium Shortage Is Felt on All Levels.  Then, there was a real shortage of helium because many of the just handful of processing plants in the world that produces the end result of helium (it has to be sorted from other elements) was offline for maintenance. Scheduled or otherwise.  


While talking to officials, it was stressed to me then helium will eventually be no more, possibly in our lifetime. 


Helium can not be produced or made. Once the earth's supply is gone, it's gone. 


When talking to an official at the U.S. Department of Interior's Bureau of Land Management, he made a statement that has never left me.  He said, "Imagine our great, great grandchildren looking at birthday pictures of us, as children, surrounded by helium balloons.  They'll probably wonder, 'How in the world are those balloons staying up?'."  


So, Moms, for the next birthday party that you throw, snap away at those helium filled balloons, they could be an anomaly to future generations.


Read about helium's ultimate end at Bye Bye Helium from National Geographic.

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