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My family and I are looking for the best doctors in Lakeland. I do alot of research before I finally choose a doctor to stick to. We just moved here so I need to switch all of our primary doctors. Who is the best to go with? We have Cigna Insurance so its easy to find someone because almost everyone takes it.


 I have been looking into Aspen Dental but I havent found any reviews really on them. So any information would be great. I am a huge baby and have had TONS of dental work done and I need someone to really understand how scared I am to go.


I also need a pediatric dentist. I have found Shirin Yasrebi at Pediatric Dental and her ratings seem to be good. Any information on her or the place would be great! Or if you have someone else who will take GREAT care of my Princess that would be great too.


Adult Doctors. As far as doctors go who do you TRUST the most?


Pediatricians. I have found Lakeside Pediatrics, Dr. Rolette Ayanna as far as ratings go to be the best in Lakeland.


Any advice and guidence on to whome to go to, it would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you in advance. :)

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Comment by Melissa Curby on October 15, 2011 at 8:58am
the only one I can help with is the adult dentist...I am also TERRIFIED of dentist...I would rather pop out 50 babies in a day then go to the dentist for anything more then a cleaning well last week I had 2 fillings and this week a root canal and I have to go back for a permanent filling for my root canal another filling and a cleaning I am going to Dr. Vallejo...I saw on lakeland florida's facebook that A LOT of people liked him so I decided to trust him and thank god I did he is AMAZING!!!! he WILL NOT allow you to be in any pain where as other dentists I have been to have basically called me a liar and a baby when I would cry...Dr. Vallejo eased my fears and is SUPER nice and the whole time he was doin the root canal he was telling me how good I was doing and how proud he was of me if I told him something hurt he gave me more anesthesia  (that numbing shot) and he is actually better at giving that then any dentist I have been to but I def say go to him http://www.jwvdental.com/meet-dr-vallejo.php  that is the link to his website hope that helped a little :)...Oh and I also take my daughter to lake side pediatrics they are all really nice I like them a lot I actually prefer Dr. Leviten over them all but that is just me :) I will say go to the north side office rather then south side because every time I have gone to south side it has taken them an hour past my appt time just to get me back but at north side im in and out pretty fast

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