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Mom's Review of Mickey's Music Festival

I was fortunate to find a mom willing to fill my shoes for this evening out.  She also was nice enough to share her thoughts on the evening.  Be sure to add your assessment of this electrifying event held Friday, November 2, 2012 if you went. 

Here's Katreena Eichar's Mom review:

What a better way to spend a Friday evening than watching the world's greatest mouse couple dancing and singing on stage! My family was fortunate enough to be able to watch Mickey's Music Festival and the best part was we didn't have to travel far as it was right here in Lakeland at the Lakeland Center.

From the start of the show the characters mesmerized the audience with their upbeat music and well choreographer dancing. Both kids and adults were on their feet dancing and clapping to the music as Mickey and his friends did a great job of encouraging the participation of the audience.

My daughters, Elyssa and Emily, loved Ariel's time on stage as she danced with Eric and fell in love. Elyssa asked several times "Mommy, who is your favorite character? I love them all!" Her comment was well said as each scene brought the well known characters to life and made you feel as if you were on stage with them as you sang and danced along. Emily, who is two, has never gone to a show like this before. She appeared to have the time of her life! She enjoyed the scene of the underwater animals from "The Little Mermaid" who glowed neon and danced in the dark. She was awestruck with the vivid colors and danced until her little legs were tired.

Mickey's Music Festival was a fantastic experience that I would recommend to everyone young and old. The only critique I would give would be that it wasn't long enough as we could have watched Mickey and his friends dance and sing all night long!

Katreena Eichar

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