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While popping around online at Yahoo News I ran into the link, Nobody Wants Ginger Children from The Atlantic Wire.

It really evoked emotions with an emphasis to confusion. In my own personal experience I do believe ginger is less desired by parents.

And parents do have choices. The link added above highlights sperm donor selection. With thoughts of donating, men with a red-haired background are beginning to be told, “Thanks, but no thanks”. With breakthroughs in the scientific community, genetic embryotic selection could one day become a common reality. Could ginger be counted out alongside genetic disorders?

As a child I had strawberry blond hues which turned auburn as I aged. I wasn't crazy about it then, I'm even guilty of experimenting with hair dye probably well before my peers, dying my hair a darker brown during my school years, but finally, I embraced my touch of ginger and now sport a reddish hue.

When I was pregnant I think my husband is a tad guilty for the red snub, too. Although I have no doubt he would love a child no matter what, he did mention, "If it's a girl, I don't mind her having red hair, if it's a boy, I hope he has my hair." To give you the picture, Hubby has very dark brown hair.

Funny enough, it happened just the opposite. Our son has the 'reddish' hair and our daughter has very dark brown hair.

When my son was a newborn I had a lady tell me how she really felt. Taking a glance at my little blanketed bundle I was cradling she looked at me like I had a spider crawling on me, "That baby has red hair!", with an accusing glance at me like it was all my fault.

I felt flabbergasted and couldn't help but ask myself, was this really a bad thing?

Since my son’s birth, his hair color has mellowed out to what I call rainbow hair. It's gold, it's strawberry, it's brown. I think it's beautiful. I would have been just as happy if it would have turned a flaming red.

The fact the lack of ginger interest at sperm donation clinics story came out near Prince Harry of England’s birthday did not go unnoticed to me and could be perceived a tad insensitive. The prince has grown to become a dashingly handsome young man and I can largely bet a woman will be glad at the chance to produce not only royal, but probable ginger offspring with the hunk.

And to answer myself and to anyone else that has considered the question, “is it a bad thing?”, I’m going to say, no, not at all do I think it’s a bad thing to have children with red hair. In fact, I embrace what makes me a little different than a large majority of our world’s society and I bet the famous people in this photo gallery, red heads by bottle, and some by birth, do, too.


Go ahead, bet on red.




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Comment by Heidi DeVries on November 10, 2011 at 4:16pm

I've actually dyed my hair red, so I would love to have ginger children. Too bad neither my husband nor I have red hair in our families.

Comment by Stephanie on October 16, 2011 at 10:20am
I had strawberry blonde hair as a child - neither of my girls have a reddish tint to their hair.  However, I think that having ginger hues in your hair is awesome!  There are many babies and little ones I've seen with gorgeous red/ginger hair.  My hubby thinks red hair is sexy.  He's asked my hair stylist if she could put red in my hair when she does my highlights.  My skin tones aren't good for red, so she will occassionally do copper low lights.  I don't see anything wrong with red hair at all.  There are some guys that I went to school with - and while in high school I thought they looked dorky with their red hair, they've actually turned out to be fairly handsome men.
Comment by kimpsbl2 on September 27, 2011 at 1:33pm
Red hair is terrific!  It looks really cute on kids, and yes Prince Harry is quite the handsome grownup redhead!

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