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Stay At Home Mom Resume - Use Your Transferable Skills

Has it occurred to you that by becoming a Stay At Home Mom you may make yourself unemployable in the future? Do you wonder about losing your skills and experience in a career you've worked hard at for many years? Perhaps you are asking yourself these questions before you decide whether to become a Stay At Home Mom, or maybe you're asking these questions after being a Stay At Home Mom for 20 years! Either way, it is valuable to learn what mothers are putting on their Stay At Home Mom Resume when they want to head back into the workforce.

You've spent thousands of days changing diapers, dressing children, pureeing food, cleaning crayon off walls, wiping noses, building play houses, going through homework, attending school plays, driving to and from sports practice, generally picking up the pieces for the entire family but then one day you decide to go back to work. Sometimes it is a difficult decision and you have time to ponder your reasons for doing so. For other mothers it suddenly becomes a matter of necessity and you just have to get on with it without much time for thought. If you do need to get back to work, one of the most important tools for getting you the right job is your resume. You can debate the best interview methods until the cows come home, but unless your resume does a good job of getting you to the next stage you'll never need to worry about an interview. So at the beginning, just work on your resume.

There are different types of resumes and there are different approaches to resumes. If you have a solid work history you can present your resume in the classic chronological style. If you have gaps in your employment you can use a different method of presentation called the functional resume. Either way, you need to do a good marketing job to promote yourself.

A Stay At Home Mom can present many positive learning experiences from her time at home raising children. It is worth learning about the positives you should include on your Stay At Home Mom Resume. If you are struggling to understand what employers are looking for it is a great idea to do your research before you put pen to paper. Once you get a few ideas from other people you can start to piece together your own experience and remember things you'd never even think about including on a resume.

Being a Stay At Home Mom is one of the most rewarding experiences you will have in your life. Once you learn to translate this time into transferrable skills on your resume you'll be ready to apply for all those interesting jobs that are simply waiting for you to apply.

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