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In my experience I will not recommend Verizon Fios over Brighthouse. I was told if I signed up my bill would never change for two years. The sales person even used Brighthouse  as an example. My first month was $152.00. Next month $156.00. Third was $163.00. When I called I was told they had an equipment rental increase and when I said mine was not to change for two years the answer was SORRY. I went back to Brighthouse and Verizon can take me to small claims court for the charges they sent me for telling them Bye Bye. 

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Comment by Cheryl Estok on November 18, 2012 at 9:25pm

Although I never had Fios, I will not go back to Verizon either.  Whenever I needed tech support, it always took forever to get through or to follow all of the instructions.  And it was hard to understand the accents of the support people.  I am now a Bright House Networks fan and will remain that way.  Did go to Magic Jack to help with the phone bill portion, but once the year is up, I will go back to Bright House with that too.

Comment by Joyce H on October 29, 2012 at 3:48pm

We had nothing but trouble with verizon...charging us for 411 charges that were not made.  You did the right thing.  We have Brighthouse and have never been happier.  Their service is excellent.

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