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Ahhh the date is nearing! June 10-18th! My daughter Rylee and I flying to WA State for a week of non Floridian activities. :o) This includes a Vans Warped Tour trip in Auburn WA on June 15th, I am still a little scared about that. I am hoping that she will love this state as much as I did when I first visited in 2009. The difference in the atmosphere, the people and the scenery. She has never flown, and is excited about that as well, and I hope she retains that excitement on the LONG FLIGHT from Atlanta to Seattle! As she gets ready to enter high school in August, I am hoping that some "mommy daughter time" will be good for both of us, and give us a chance to talk and have fun, because I know things change once they get into high school, and I want to feel that she needs me for a little bit longer before I have to acknowledge that she is a young adult and doesn't need her mom as much as she used to, even though in the back of my mind I hope she thinks that she will always need me, and I know she knows that she can come to me about anything, open policy has been my motto from the start. But as I see them branching out, I worry that I won't have a spot like I used to when they were small. Maybe I am being selfish. I do want them to be independent, kind of. :o)

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Comment by Stephanie Hershey-Buckley on May 2, 2013 at 12:31pm

Thank you! :o) That whole area is just amazing to me! Maybe because I am a Floridian, and am not used to it. I hope to live there eventually, once the kids are grown.

Comment by Joyce H on April 29, 2013 at 4:31pm

Washington State is absolutely beautiful.  I am from British Columbia, Canada, and if you get a chance to go across the border into Canada, it is beautiful as well (actually, our motto is "Beautiful British Columbia"...).  I know, I am a bit biased about that side of the country, but hope you and your daughter have an absolutely wonderful time.

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