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When will it be my turn for something to turn around in my life.

I know it sounds so selfish and I don't mean to sound that way at all. I think I am a very humble and generous person but sometimes I just feel as if I cant ever get ahead with anything. Is it just me? Now I know there are so many worst off than me and my daughter and grandson and beleive me I am gratefull to have a place to live for now and groceries in the cabinet but I feel so helpless. Cant pay the rent lights and just basic bills to live every day. If it wasn't for my daughter getting food stamps I don't know how we would eat.I have always worked and looking everyday for job but nothing in 3 months. What is a person to do. Thank you GOD for my grandson having Meidcaid because he is sick all the time with Asthma so that is relief that we can take him to the dr and not worry. Sorry this sounds pitful but just need to vent and I do hope that no one thinks I am poor mouthing. Just needed to get all this off my chest. Cant even think about the holidays coming!

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Comment by linda gauntt on December 20, 2011 at 11:16am

Susan- there is help for the holidays. On Sunday, Dec 25th, First Baptist Church At The Mall is handing out food baskets and a gift to each child, must be there promptly at 10am sharp to signup and they will be giving out the items after the church service which starts at 11am. Be there early as they expect a crowd.

Comment by Shawn Spivey on November 2, 2011 at 10:47am
Susan, it's good to vent and share your feelings.  You don't sound selfish at all.  So many of us are having a hard time struggling in this economy and I admit I have to focus myself on thoughts that it has to get better at some point, for all of us.   The sooner, the better.  Good luck and keep your chin up.

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